Russia is losing its last allies

Moscow. You know how it happens sometimes: you lose a friend because of stupidity, but if the friend is old and there is trust between you, it will take some time – and you will be together again, laughing and telling stories. But you are already trying not to repeat the mistake. However, this is […]

Venezuela – Question & Answer – Excerpt from the press release (09.01.20)

P: Does France still consider Juan Guaidó the legitimate president of Venezuela? What is your position regarding what happened on January 5 in the Venezuelan parliament? R: France celebrates the re-election of Juan Guaidó as president of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on January 5. Consequently, for France, he remains the […]

Migrant workers from the Western Balkans have gained a good foothold

Berlin It was originally intended to relieve the asylum procedure – the so-called Western Balkans regulation. But it has also proven itself as an instrument against the lack of personnel in the German economy. The experience gained shows how the skilled labor immigration law, which came into force at the beginning of March, could be […]

Pop star Dua Lipa: “I can dream, right?”

DLipa, among others, is crying when she addresses her fans via Instagram livestream a few days ago. “Stay at home!”, She demands, “you think you are young and that the virus cannot harm you. But I know a lot of young people who have been infected and who are struggling with the virus. ”Then the […]

Facing the Covid-19, the brandy has perhaps never been so aptly named

We have known for a long time that booze has always been used to try to fight epidemics. But brandy has perhaps never been so aptly named. In these times of Covid-19, almost everywhere in France, distilleries and spirits manufacturers reconvert their stills to produce hydroalcoholic gel. This is particularly the case in Fougerolles, Hauts-Saône’s […]