Titres en action: Aphria, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Shaw…

Here is a selection of announcements that have made (or will make) move the prices of these companies: (Come back and read us from time to time so as not to miss an update) Aphria (APHA, $ 5.32) on Wednesday suspended its financial guidance for fiscal 2020 due to uncertainty caused by COVID-19. The Leamington, […]

The star investor’s last big bet

Denver Warren Buffett made probably the most important deal of his career in 1967. The young boss of private equity firm Berkshire Hathaway took over the insurer National Indemnity and a smaller sister company for 8.6 million dollars. And it worked out to be Buffett’s taste: the insurers’ majority shareholder was an Omaha entrepreneur who […]

“Bank of America chooses France, Tesla sulks”

CHRONICLE – If the second American bank has opted for Paris for its market activities, it is Germany which will host the new plant of the Californian manufacturer of high-end electric vehicles. Bertille Bayart. Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro For a few minutes, Édouard Philippe gets caught up in the game, magnetized by the scrolling […]

New opening in New York: is it a museum or a corporation? – Art

NOf course, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York needed new headquarters. In his old home, Marcel Breuer’s masterpiece of 1950s brutalism on the Upper East Side, it was not possible to “successfully lead the museum into the 21st century”, as director Adam Weinberg puts it. So on May 1st the new house […]

Follow Warren Buffett in Bank of America?

August 19, 2020 edition (Photo: 123RF) THE BULL AGAINST THE BEAR. Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic, find the analysis of a two-part title. In this issue, Bank of America. Choose your side! Optimistic > Warren Buffett has just bought US $ 2.1 billion of additional shares of the bank and increased its interest to […]

Technology stocks in the US outperformed the entire European stock market

The market capitalization of American technology companies reached $ 9.1 trillion on Friday. The entire European stock market, including the United Kingdom and Switzerland, is worth only $ 8.9 trillion. By comparison, in 2007 Bank of America reported that US technology stocks reached a quarter of the value of the entire European stock market across […]

Pound is about to crash again

London The Corona crisis has one good thing from the perspective of many Britons: it has pushed Brexit off the agenda. Since the UK left the EU in late January, the issue has become quiet. The future trade relationship with the EU is not yet regulated, and the “no deal” threatens again at the end […]

Dax closes clearly in the plus

On Wednesday morning, waning hopes of a fast vaccine in the corona pandemic had weighed on the stock market barometer. The US online portal Stat News, which specializes in the health sector, had been critical of the Vaccine candidates of the biotech group Moderna against the lung disease Covid-19 reports. The interim results presented would […]