Former Colombian national team players sued Bancolombia for the use of their image – International Football – Sports

Several symbols of the Colombian National Team, among them Carlos the ‘Pibe’ Valderrama, carry out a legal process with Bancolombia, alleging misuse of his image. These are coach Francisco Maturana and former players Carlos Valderrama, Willington Ortiz, Arnoldo Iguarán, Óscar Córdoba, Faryd Mondragón, Faustino Asprilla, Iván René Valenciano, Víctor Aristizábal, Juan Pablo Ángel and Adolfo […]

Before saving funds in deposits, pay attention to these things

JAKARTA, – Currently, the trend of bank deposit rates continues to shrink. This is of course in line with Bank Indonesia (BI) policy, which since the second quarter has continued to cut the BI 7-day reverse repo rate (7DRR). Based on KONTAN’s research on several large banks in Indonesia, the average bank currently offers […]

Beware of savings vacuum scams, this is how to check fraudulent accounts

ILLUSTRATION. Beware of savings vacuum scams, this is how to check fraudulent accounts. Fraud warning advertisements via SMS / email / telephone on behalf of Bank Mandiri which are carried out by irresponsible parties. Pho KONTAN / Achmad Fauzie Source: | Editor: Adi Wikanto KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. Check fraudulent accounts can be done easily. […]

US banks are in spasm. Their profits fell by 70 percent

The profit of banks in the United States in the second quarter of this year fell by seventy percent year on year to $ 18.8 billion, about 415.4 billion crowns. The results respond to the continuing uncertainty caused by the coronary crisis and low interest rates, Reuters reports. U.S. financial institutions continued to build up […]

Astra Lego Bank Permata, What are the proceeds from the sale?

JAKARTA, – Some time ago PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) released all of its ownership shares in PT Bank Permata Tbk (BNLI). ASII’s total proceeds from the sale were IDR 16.83 trillion with a price per share at that time of IDR 1,346.97. So, what is the fund for? President Director of Astra International, […]

Open the account and find a surprise income of 2,080 million | Companies

Opening the bank account and finding an unexpected income is a reason for joy, but if the amount amounts to 2.45 billion dollars (2.076 million euros), the surprise turns to disbelief. This is what has happened to a Bank of America customer, who a few days ago found an income from the entity of this […]

He opened an online bank account and found it had a balance of $ 2.45 billion

A client of the financial institution Bank of America He was shocked to open an account online: his balance was $ 2.45 billion. Blaise Aguirre, a Massachusetts psychiatrist, thought that initially the bank was going to realize the error, which appeared both in the web version and in the app. Eventually she contacted her sectorista […]