ING and ABN fall on Damrak due to bank tax increase

The proceeds from that higher bank tax should be used to support lower-income households. Other proposals have also been adopted to tax companies more heavily, including when purchasing their own shares. Business organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland and the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) have reacted critically because the Netherlands, for example, will become more unattractive as […]

The UAE Central Bank keeps the base rate at 5.4%

Live: The Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates decided to keep the “base rate” on overnight deposit facilities unchanged at 5.40%, starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 21, 2023. This decision comes after the Federal Reserve announced that it would keep the interest rate on reserve balances unchanged at its meeting held today. The Central Bank […]

Multiple loans? With a debt restructuring, the monthly burden decreases immediately

(openPR) Loans from the bank, an expensive overdraft, credit card debts and installment payments at a furniture store or electronics store – many consumers groan under the burden of their financial obligations. As soon as the salary is in the account at the beginning of the month, it seems to immediately disappear into thin air. […]

Gold bars belonging to ‘Baltic International Bank’ will be auctioned

The gold bars belonging to the liquidating “Baltic International Bank” will be offered to be purchased at the auctions in an ascending step, according to the announcement in the official publication “Latvijas Vēstnesis”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising At auctions, the liquidator of the bank, Olavs Cers, will offer to buy gold bars […]

Caixabank scores a hole of 34 million for its financial institution Credifimo

Caixabank has assumed a hole of 34 million euros for its financial institution Credifimo, a company that inherited from the former Cajasol. This subsidiary has just approved a capital reduction by said amount to offset accumulated losses and rebalance its assets. After this operation, this division of Caixabank maintains a share capital of 19 million, […]

Remscheid: New loan model for older people

Whether due to the traffic light government’s building energy law, which has just been passed by the Bundestag and previously heatedly discussed, or due to the renovation obligation for residential buildings planned by the European Union – property owners will face financial burdens in the next few years. If you don’t have large sums in […]

Spending on purchasing digital applications in the UAE grew to 1.6 billion dirhams

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The volume of spending on purchasing digital applications in the UAE increased during the year 2022, by 25.3 percent on an annual basis. According to a report issued by the UAE Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority, the volume of spending on purchasing digital applications during the year 2022 amounted to […]