Big disappointment at TSV Bayer Dormagen

September 6, 2022 at 4:50 am 2. Handball Bundesliga : Big disappointment at Höhenberg At his home premiere, TSV coach Matthias Flohr was able to persuade his players so much during the time-outs that they didn’t find the right means against Dessau-Roßlauer HV. Photo: Heinz J. Fencebreaker Dormagen The first game of the season of […]

Parkour at the SC Bayer Uerdingen club

July 18, 2022 at 12:00 p.m Krefeld clubs and fringe sports : The most spectacular way from A to B Only the jumps and figures that have been safely practiced indoors are then tried out on the street. Photo: Marcel Nguyen /SC Bayer 05 Serie Krefeld Parkour is a popular sport, especially among younger people. […]

Felix Weidenhaupt and Anna Keyerslingk from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen wave medals

July 14, 2022 at 9:00 p.m athletics : Felix Weidenhaupt and Anna Keyerslingk wave medals Nele Frisch has three strong competitors in the hammer throw in the U20 age group. Photo: Bayer/Dirk Gantenberg Analyse Krefeld Analysis A dozen athletes from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen are at the start of the German U18 and U20 Athletics […]

Journalist: Mudrik refused Milan and Juventus for Bayer

Sky Sport Deutschland journalist Florian Plettenberg spoke about the situation around Shakhtar winger Mykhailo Mudrik. “Deal for Mudrik is still messed up as he only wants to join Leverkusen! He said no to Juventus and Milan. Juve are said to be planning to restart their acquisition efforts, but not now. Mudrik expects a five-year contract […]

Why does Bayer need Mudrik and why does Bayer need Mudrik? – Football, Mykhailo Mudrik, Shakhtar, Bayer, Ukrainian Championship, German Championship – Bundesliga, Transfers – Terrikon

According to some reports, Leverkusen’s Bayer Leverkusen, one of the Bundesliga leaders, became interested in Shakhtar’s Mykhailo Mudrik. Nothing official has been said from either side yet, but Terrikon, just in case, is considering the chances of a young football player in a possible project… Speaking of Bayer as one of the best clubs in […]

BASF balance sheet check: The Russian mortgage of the chemical company

BASF balance sheet check As far as prospects and stock market performance are concerned, some uncertainties and weaknesses are revealed at the Ludwigshafen chemical company. (Photo: dpa [M]) Frankfurt The shareholders of the chemical group BASF have to deal with an unusually ambivalent constellation at the general meeting on Friday. As far as operational development […]

Vanessa Bayer lands her own much-deserved show

Vanessa Bayer as Joanna Gold in I Love That For YouPhoto: Tony Rivetti Jr./SHOWTIME Let’s get one thing out of the way right at the gate: Vanessa Bayer deserves the world. The Saturday Night Live veteran made a name for herself on that show by playing any number of put-upon women who elicited endless laughs […]

Florian Wirtz becomes the decision-maker at Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga

Dhe man of the day said nothing. He didn’t have to, because his performance and especially his record spoke for themselves. So the young man, who passed the matriculation exam at high school and has long since passed his matriculation exam par excellence on the soccer field, quietly enjoyed his most recent best performance. Florian […]

Defeat for Bayer’s basketball players

Mar 21, 2022 @ 5:51pm Basketball : Defeat for Bayer’s basketball players Here Baris Yilmaz scored one of his nine goals for Bayer. Photo: Mocnik / Mark Mocnik Krefeld In the first round of promotion to the regional league, the team lost 58:69 to Mettmann-Sport. Since the Koerver Hall is no longer available, the club […]