Bird Flu Rises in UK, Poultry Company Asks for Vaccination

Jakarta – Alex Dunlop dan Pete Cooper BBC News The owner of a poultry producer, which has lost 100,000 birds to bird flu, said vaccination was “the only solution” to the outbreak. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT The UK has been declared an Avian Flu Prevention Zone (AIPZ) following outbreaks in Norfolk, Suffolk […]

The Story of a Man Withdrawing IDR 25 Billion from an ATM Without being Detected by a Bank

Jakarta – Ever imagined being able to withdraw money from automated teller machines (ATMs), indefinitely, without being detected by the bank? That’s what happened to Dan Saunders, a resident of Wangaratta, a city north of Melbourne, Australia, who accidentally discovered a “system flaw” that allowed him to withdraw up to US$1.6 million or around Rp25 […]

Rebalancing – BBC “Chairman” Richard Sharp

MMedia institutions funded by state-collected fees are under pressure almost everywhere in the western world – including the oldest and largest, the BBC. Complaints of partiality are mixed with accusations of unfair competitive advantage and wasting feepayers’ money. More than a million citizens have (illegally) stopped paying in the past four years. The BBC now […]

Brainwashed People, Kim is God

Jakarta – Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live as a high-ranking official in the North Korean government? Thae Yong-ho was North Korea’s deputy ambassador to the UK until he defected in 2016. He tells why and how he threw away everything he had and fled the North Korean Embassy in London for […]

Story of a Ukrainian Boy Who Traveled 1,200 Km to Slovakia Alone

Jakarta – A boy arrives in Slovakia after traveling 1,200 km from eastern Ukraine with two small bags, a passport and his family’s phone number in hand. Hassan, 11, left his home in Zaporizhzhia because his mother couldn’t leave his grandmother. Hassan’s mother put the boy into a train and when he arrived at the […]

Freedom or death, young Ukrainians are inspired by the struggle for Indonesian independence

Jakarta – Young Ukrainians who graduated from the Indonesian Language and Literature major from a university in Kyiv claimed to have been inspired by the struggle for independence and the Indonesian Youth Pledge against Russian troops. Yuliia Mykulych, a doctoral student in Indonesian language, literature and translation at the Taras Svechkensco National University in Kyiv, […]

China Funds ‘New Dubai’ Project in Sri Lanka

Jakarta – “Economic game changer”. That is what Sri Lankan officials have called the Colombo Port City project, a glittering metropolis that soars along the waterfront of the nation’s capital. Next to Colombo’s lush business district, a stretch of sand reclaimed from the sea is being transformed into a high-tech city. The city is projected […]

Horrible Photos of Patrol Officers Repel Haitian Migrants at the US Border

Jakarta – The White House called these scenes “terrible”. Video footage and photographs depicting US border patrol officers on horseback chasing migrants (and brandishing long bridles like whips) near the Rio Grande river in Texas, have sparked controversy across the country. Some social media users said the photos were reminiscent of the violence that took […]

The Story of FBI Agents Hunting for the Architect of the September 11 Attacks

Jakarta – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man accused of plotting an attack by hijacking a plane to crash into a high-rise building in the United States on September 11, 2001, is actually not a foreign name among the United States security forces. Long before 2001, Mohammed — who is also known as KSM — was […]