British MPs receive thousands of offensive tweets per day

The investigation analyzes three million tweets directed at parliamentarians during six weeks between March and April. Over 3,000 offensive tweets are sent to UK Members of Parliament every dayaccording to a BBC investigation into the scope of attacks on social networks, where politicians confess they are afraid to speak their minds on important issues. The […]

Red Bull in focus: calls for harsh punishment | free press

No trace of a pre-celebratory mood: Red Bull can win the world championship title with the constructors on Sunday. However, the team has to deal with an explosive aftermath in Austin. Open end. Austin. A fire letter to the Fia boss and the Formula 1 boss, demands for a tough punishment – and record world […]

A 380-million-year-old fossil shows the beginning of human evolution

A group of scientists found a unique fossil of a 380-million-year-old armadillo in Australia. The find is exceptional mainly because, in addition to the bones of the fish called gogo, internal organs including the heart, liver and stomach were also preserved. According to the scientists, the find also tells about human evolution. Armadillos were fish-like […]

Black ties on BBC

11 sep 2022 . Updated at 05:00. The BBC turns one hundred years old in October and faces this symbolic anniversary in troubled waters. This icon of Anglo-Saxon culture faces cutbacks and layoffs. The resigned Boris Johnson ordered the Government to freeze the tax paid by all British people who have a television. In addition, […]

Rebalancing – BBC “Chairman” Richard Sharp

MMedia institutions funded by state-collected fees are under pressure almost everywhere in the western world – including the oldest and largest, the BBC. Complaints of partiality are mixed with accusations of unfair competitive advantage and wasting feepayers’ money. More than a million citizens have (illegally) stopped paying in the past four years. The BBC now […]

Sherwood: BBC orders season 2

BBC One has ordered a second season of Sherwood shortly after the debut season wraps up Deadline reports. The series is by James Graham, who is behind “Brexit: The Uncivil War‘, quiz and also an episode of The Crown. In the contemporary crime drama, two shocking murders rock an already dysfunctional Nottinghamshire community, sparking one […]