Surprisingly, what was Meghan Markle’s first impression of Princess Catherine

Yesterday was four years that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, after which the newlyweds interviewed the BBC. Hello! The magazine just recalled this conversation, as what Meghan said was especially interesting Princess Catherinein light of the current relationship between the two princely wives. Because let’s face it, Catherine and Meghan aren’t girlfriends […]

This is the end, Prince William and Catherine made a serious decision

The yard was terribly disappointed, revoking the broadcasting rights. The yard was terribly disappointed, revoking the broadcasting rights. The royal family has taken away the BBC’s broadcasting rights, which has never been seen before. Prince William and Princess Catherine were so outraged that the BBC had released the series dissecting the conflict between William and […]

Christmas will be poorer. Mobile phones, consoles and e-bikes may be missing

According to traders, problems with the supply of some products have persisted since last year, and the chances that the situation will improve by Christmas are very low. “This can apply to virtually all consumer goods imported from China and Southeast Asia, whether it is an artificial Christmas tree, a bicycle or a computer,” points […]

9punkt – The Debate Review from October 11th, 2021 | Czechs and Poles oppose populism

Czech Republic does not go the way of Poland or Hungary, is pleased in the SZ Viktoria Großmann, enthusiastic about an election campaign that the incumbent Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, against which is being criminally investigated, has lost against a broad coalition from the left to the conservative: “That this has now succeeded is also […]

BBC let him have his way for decades, now she makes it herself

Jimmy Savile was able to assault women and young girls unmolested for decades. — © imageglobe Ten years after his death, the BBC is going to make a drama series about his presenter and sexual predator Jimmy Savile. The fact that the man could abuse women and girls unhindered for decades at the time caused […]

Shares of a German developer with astronomical debt fell to a record high

Investments are pessimistic about the company’s outlook, while a number of regulators warn that the company’s inability to meet volumes could cause problems in the financial sector. Evergrande’s total bundles amount to $ 305 billion (approximately 6.6 trillion K). The company said on Sunday that it had started paying real estate to its investors. On […]