requesting a loan is more expensive and with harsher conditions

Families and companies are finding it increasingly difficult to access bank loans. During the last months, The entities have raised the conditions for granting loans and mortgages, pressured by the inflationary spiral and the continuous rise in interest rates -the last one last week-. Banks and financial institutions, whether large or small, traditional or “fintechs”, […]

German minimum wage is the highest. In Portugal stagnates – Economy

Rewrite this content In Germany, the country where the European Central Bank (ECB) is based, the minimum wage rose 22.2% this year to 1,981 euros per month. Prices not so much: comparable indicators for inflation point to values ​​between 8% and 9%. The difference results in a considerable gain in purchasing power, which was not […]

Inflation retreat in November is not enough to calm ECB | Prices

Inflation fell in November in the euro zone for the first time in 17 months and, with that, hopes have re-emerged that it may not be necessary for interest rates to rise so high and remain high for long. However, the causes behind the drop in inflation and the perspective that, in the US, interest […]