Video: Walking on the beach, the man encountered a strange scene

This scene was posted by photographer Stuart Rutherford on the social network Twitter with the status line: “The flock of birds seems to be ‘hypnotized’. They are not flying around and are not starlings, need a word to describe describe this magical scene”. At the beginning of the clip, a flock of birds is sitting […]

Around 30 tons of waste were removed from Amélia beach

News from Angola – Around thirty tons of solid waste, some of which were recyclable, were removed last Saturday (16), in the awareness campaign along the seafront of Amélia beach, located in the Urbano da Samba district in Luanda. By: Amilton Victor The event is part of the celebrations of the International Day for the […]

Arif Kızılyalı : Whose is the beach?

According to the laws of the Republic of Türkiye, the beaches belong to the people. Even the relevant articleThe coasts are open for everyone to enjoy equally and freely. In making use of the coast and coastlines, the public interest is primarily considered. No building can be built here; Walls, fences, wire fences, stakes and […]

Health benefits of going to the beach – Health > Preventive medicine

The beach can be very beneficial for us, emotionally and physically. It is the best remedy when we are angry, anxious or stressed. In addition to improving our overall mental health, it can also treat skin conditions and even help us burn a few calories. Here is what the beach can do for our health […]

A shark attacks a woman on a New York beach

The victim was bitten by him shark on the left leg when swimming near the shore. Lifeguards pulled her out of the water and administered the first aid before the arrival of the doctors. The woman was taken to Jamaica Hospital and, according to the spokesperson for the medical center, Michael HinckHe is currently in […]

Spectators flee – storm alarm at beach volleyball on the island

Severe weather alert for beach volleyball on Vienna’s Danube Island! Around 6,500 spectators had to flee the stadium after an announcement by the speaker during the men’s quarter-finals. But see for yourself – above in the video. At the Beach Volleyball European Championships on the Danube Island in Vienna there is a Swiss-Spanish duel in […]

Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a Mexican beach

A carpet of hundreds of dead fish has covered the beach of El Maviri, in Mexico, in recent days, generating concern among population and local authorities, AP reports. In total, last week several hundred dead fish who came to weigh a TONhe told the agency Randy Rosshead of the State Commission for Protection Against Sanitary […]