He fell asleep with his phone on his chest on the beach. What to…

While on holiday in Cyprus, the man sat on a deck chair, put on his headphones and fell asleep in the sun, without having any sunscreen at all, writes a1.ro. Read also Daniela Crudu and her sister, incendiary show at the pool PHOTO GALLERY When he woke up two hours later, he was surprised to […]

Slavíková from Peče the whole country: Bake (on) the beach!

She does not lack courage or a sense of humor. The juror from Peč, the whole country Mirka van Gils Slavíková (59) went to a swimsuit! Although she wondered for a long time whether to publish the photo, in the end she decided to do so. And the fans are crazy! The Czech confectioner living […]

Newborn baby’s lifeless body found wrapped in beach towel

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2020 at 10:48 a.m. The Bradford Hospital Midwifery Department is looking for the mother of the newborn … It’s a chilling discovery that was made at the recycling center in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, this Thursday, August 20. According to the Sun’s information, a newborn baby was found lifeless, wrapped […]

Packages to go telework in the South this winter

While some Quebecers are still very reluctant to get back on a plane and the Canadian government still advises against non-essential travel, the tourism industry is trying to be positive. • Read also: Ping Pong game to get travel credit • Read also: COVID-19 present on 13 flights in Quebec After Transat, which announced that […]

At 76, Lili Caneças poses in a bathing suit and wins praise: “Perfect!”

Lili Caneças, 76 years old, posed in a bathing suit and showed her excellent physical form, thus winning the numerous praise from fans. A socialite he resorted to social networks to share, with his followers, the record of a sunny day well spent on board a boat. The elegance of Lili Caneças drew attention and […]

Coronavirus in Tenerife rally to spread the virus, cleared – World

BRAZIL Brazil yesterday passed the 100,000 deaths from coronavirus and three million infections since the start of the pandemic. This was confirmed by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. The latest report from the health authorities indicates that in the last 24 hours 49,970 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed, bringing the general total of infected […]