Viktor Proskurin died of the same lung disease that George Danelia and Oleg Efremov

Honored Artist Dies at the 69th Year of Life at a Moscow Hospital on June 30 Of Russia Viktor Proskurin. This was reported on Facebook by his wife Irina Honda. “I’m still in shock. All is unexpected. Like any death, ”she wrote. Victor Fans Proskurina immediately responded and remembered his wonderful work in the cinema: […]

Eight behavioral errors against the coronavirus

ABC Science Madrid Updated:04/24/2020 02: 04h save In addition to the effort in research, health care and adequate public policies, the fight against the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus originated in Wuhan (China) requires the common sense and good practices of citizens. Although much of humanity is confined to their homes, certain entrenched behaviors […]

Coronavirus, contagions in the family: alarm in Vomero and in Northern Naples

the emergency in Naples twelve o’clockApril 14, 2020 – 2:29 pm Found new outbreaks in a strictly family environment. And for the Municipalities of the metropolitan area which in the North add more than 300 contagions De Luca speaks of “irresponsible behavior” of RW ​​LM NAPLES – “The daily monitoring of cases of contagion in […]

News blog Saxony-Anhalt: Halle tests all nursing home employees on Corona

07:15 a.m. | Leopoldina President on the recommendations for action We will be dealing with the pandemic for months. Actually, it won’t end until we have a vaccine. Our suggestion was where it is particularly important that society continues to start promptly. That does not mean, of course, tomorrow or maybe on Monday directly after […]

Worms found in the brain of the lizard embryos for the first time

The discovery was conducted by an international research team led by an evolutionary biologist at Lund University in Sweden, Nathalie Feiner. They discovered the worms studying the common wall lizards throughout Europe, but nematodes were confined to a single population in Pyrenees. “I was surprised when I saw something moving in the brain of the […]

The judge gives two six-day permits to Rodrigo Rato for good behavior | Economy

The judge of Penitentiary Surveillance of the National Court, José Luis de Castro, has authorized the concession to the ex-president of the Government Rodrigo Rato, who is serving a sentence in the Madrid prison of Soto del Real for the black cards since the end of October 2018, of two exit permits of six days […]

2 Challenges by Boston Students Iran from the Country – NBC Boston

Two Iranian college students have filed civil rights complaints with the US Department of Irish Security, saying they were being abused and illegally arriving in Boston International Airport in Logan. Shahab Dehghani, who attends Northeast University, and Reihana Emami Arandi, who were about to start classes at Harvard University, recently filed specific complaints with the […]

A cheap medication could help social symptoms in children with autism

Our latest study shows that it is possible to improve symptoms in autistic children with a cheap generic medication. The drug, bumetanide, is widely used to treat high blood pressure and swelling, and costs no more than £ 10 (US $ 13) for a month’s supply of pills. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is […]