Economy. Companies hardly believe in rapid rebound

INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) has observed a massive drop in economic activity. And business leaders expect recovery to take some time, according to Xerfi research. Their electricity consumption has dropped by 25% As the dials panic, it is difficult for INSEE to accurately measure the extent of the fall in economic […]

Conte does not believe that Italy spends the summer in quarantine

The Prime Minister of Italy,Giuseppe Conte has predicted that Italians will be able to enjoy the summeroutside their homes but wanted to warn of the “very difficult months” that await them due to the economic repercussions generated by the coronavirus pandemic. “We are not going to spend the summer on our balconies, leaving the beauty […]

Brussels wants to believe in the rebound ability of European economies

“The European Union (EU) is experiencing the deepest economic recession in its history”, said the European Commission, which presented its spring economic forecast on Wednesday May 6. Not surprisingly, in the short term, the outlook is particularly bleak. In all countries, economic indicators are plunging. The gross domestic product (GDP) of the EU as a […]

Anna Castillo, against censorship on Instagram | Talent

He takes pictures in analog, but considers himself a digital person. “The best thing about technology is its practicality, it solves your life; the worst thing is that it distances you a little from the real world ”, reflects Anna Castillo (Barcelona, ​​1993), winner of a Goya for The olive (2017) and protagonist of The […]

the next title of the video game will be set in the Viking age

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW MADRID Updated:04/29/2020 22:19 save Very floripondian and in a non-traditional way, the French multinational Ubisoft has announced the setting in which the events of the next installment of the adventure video game series will take place Assassin’s Creed: the Viking age. The period of Norse mythology will succeed Ancient Greece from the previous […]

The Spanish, the Europeans who value vaccines the best

S. Mencia Madrid Updated:04/21/2020 save Related news Spanish parents are the Europeans who have a better opinion of vaccines, although they are not among the most informed. They are the data of a European Vaccination Survey carried out in five countries that shows that fathers and mothers in our country are the most pro-vaccination (94%), […]

Daz believes “the worst is over” in terms of job destruction

The Minister of Labor,Yolanda Díaz, has assured that “the worst is over”Regarding the volume of job destruction due to the coronavirus crisis, although it has recognized that this situation must be faced“wisely” because “there are hard days”. On Monday morning, in an interview with Radio Galega collected by Europa Press, Díaz added to what was […]