In Berlin, President Japarov met with representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora

On September 28, President Sadyr Japarov met with representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora at the Kyrgyz embassy in Berlin. “Azattyk” journalist Sanzhar Eraliev was not included in this half-hour long event. The representatives of the press service of the President explained that it was “pre-accredited”. According to those who participated in the meeting, Japarov spoke […]

Fil: “I often get my money in an envelope” – Economy

Fil is known for comics in the Berlin city newspaper “Zitty”. He is also a traveling comedian. A conversation about tax office controls, his habit of constantly watching “Breaking Bad” – and what idea he got from a book about getting rich. The Berliner Fil, 57, whose real name is Philip Tägert, performs with his […]

Corona in the constitutional state | Academic bookstore Werner GmbH

Conversations about a virus and its impact on society – from April 2020 to December 2020 – Härting, Niko / Schwarz, Kyrill-Alexander Published on September 8th, 2021 Description Before Corona, who could have imagined that they would soon have to deal with encroachments on fundamental rights that have not existed, at least in western Germany, […]

Climate demonstrators do not have to pay for police operations

Berlin (dpa) – For the time being, the Berlin police are no longer allowed to charge climate demonstrators who have stuck to the streets during blockades any fees for their removal. The Berlin administrative court decided this in an urgent procedure, as a spokesman announced. The specific case involved a climate activist who stuck himself […]

Max Raabe: Taking Responsibility in a Changing World

Berlin (dpa) – The singer Max Raabe sees responsibility for social developments as anchored on an individual basis. “History doesn’t do us the favor of repeating itself the way it has before. But you just have to be careful,” the musician told the dpa in Berlin, referring to the development from the Weimar Republic to […]

Results of the housing summit: Divided response from Hamburg | – News

As of: September 26, 2023 6:02 a.m Hamburg’s housing construction companies are gaining some hope again. The reason is the federal government’s housing summit. In the Hanseatic city, too, the number of building permits fell by half in the first half of the year. The socially oriented Association of North German Housing Companies (VNW) from […]

Football – Frankfurt am Main – Rosen appeals for support for Nagelsmann – Sport

Berlin (dpa) – Manager Alexander Rosen from Julian Nagelsmann’s former club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim is promoting broad support for the new national coach. “We have to support the team and the coach and show what we’re really capable of. Then we as a society will also benefit from it,” he said on ZDF’s “Aktuelle Sportstudio” […]

Ethiopian Assrfa sets new world record

Over two minutes faster Ethiopian Assefa improves world record at the Berlin Marathon Updated on September 24th, 2023 – 11:55 a.m. Reading time: 2 min. Finish line: Eliud Kipchoge is the first to reach the finish line. (Source: press material) At the Berlin Marathon, Ethiopian Tigist Assefa clearly beat the previous record. The old record […]