Open the account and find a surprise income of 2,080 million | Companies

Opening the bank account and finding an unexpected income is a reason for joy, but if the amount amounts to 2.45 billion dollars (2.076 million euros), the surprise turns to disbelief. This is what has happened to a Bank of America customer, who a few days ago found an income from the entity of this […]

Bill Gates’ prognosis for the end of the coronavirus pandemic

The founder of the global computer giant Microsoft, told students of the private Tec de Monterrey university, that “The damage during this time will be incredible and will exacerbate almost any kind of inequality.”. Gates, head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife, left room for optimism by noting that in sometime […]

Bill Gates estimated when countries will end the coronavirus pandemic

“This makes me feel like the rich world sure should be able to end (the pandemic) by the end of 2021, and the rest of the countries by the end of 2022.”said the mogul in an interview with Wired magazine. The co-founder of the Microsoft company was optimistic about the effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine: […]

Deputies propose moving 2021 holidays to have more long weekends

The government spokeswoman, Karla Rubilar, together with the undersecretary of public health, Paula Daza, decided to clarify doubts about the government’s “Step by Step” plan to initiate the lack of confidence in the country. They did so through a special transmission, where both authorities detailed the different stages of the aforementioned plan. And in this […]

Republican stimulus proposal cuts unemployment benefits – CNN

This would be the new US economic stimulus plan. 1:34 (CNN) –– Senate Republicans formally unveiled Monday their proposal for a new stimulus to the coronavirus pandemic, which includes a $ 400 reduction in improved unemployment benefits. The plan will serve as an initial offer for bipartisan negotiations with Democrats, as Congress tries to respond […]

US Senate approves sanctions against China over Hong Kong :: Politics :: RBC

The US Senate passed a bill on sanctions against China in connection with the law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong. It is reported by USA Today. The document provides for sanctions for banks and companies that deal with Chinese officials related to the extension of the National Security Act to Hong Kong. It […]

Bundestag punishes “upskirting” and accident photos

The Bundestag has approved a law aimed at strengthening personal protection: anyone who photographs women under their skirts or spreads pictures of dead victims of accidents will face punishments in the future. The secret photography under the skirt or in the neckline will be a crime in the future. The same applies when photographing or […]