Eni, placed bonds convertible into shares for one billion euros

Rome, 8 September 2023 – Not just government bonds. In the times of high interest rates, i savers (Italians and beyond) dedicate a lot of attention to the entire fixed income sector, including that of the bond market which refers to bonds issued by important companies based in our country. After the recent success achieved […]

Negative hydrocarbon trade balance with privatization: -37 billion dollars

Jorge Manco Zaconetti The balance of the hydrocarbon trade balance expresses the relationship that exists between exports of oil and derivatives from the country to the rest of the world, compared to the imports made by companies from abroad in crude oil and derivatives, especially from diesel 2 to meet domestic fuel demand. A negative […]

Togo: 23 billion CFA francs for coastal protection works

Exchange of documents between Minister Sani Yaya and Ambassador Augustin Favereau Thirty-five (35) million euros, or approximately 23 billion CFA francs: this is the financial envelope that the French Development Agency (AFD) is making available to Togo for coastal protection work in the country. . The Credit Agreement was signed on September 8, 2023 in […]

Sentenced to 8 years in prison and a 4 billion FCFA fine, Renaud Allogho Akoué released!

DIG/ To everyone’s surprise, the former director general of the National Health Insurance and Social Guarantee Fund (Cnamgs), Renaud Allogho Akoué, was released on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, by order of the Transition Committee for the Restoration of institutions (CTRI). He had been sentenced, on Friday August 5, 2022 by the Specialized Criminal Court, to […]

‘Smart Job’ Fostering young farmers, creating a 100 billion won fund

Hosted by Dong-A Ilbo-Channel A, ‘Creating & Returning to Hometown Love Fair’ opens until tomorrow Prime Minister of Korea “Fund for young farmers – Farmland support expansion Greenhouse – 30% smartization of barns” Visitors flock to the first exhibition of 243 local governments nationwide On the 1st, at the opening ceremony of the ‘2023 A […]

1.1 billion euros in salary increases announced by Elisabeth Borne

A new financial boost to find a solution to the hospital crisis: the government announced on Thursday August 31 a total of more than one billion euros in revaluations for caregivers, in particular in favor of night work and on Sunday. After a summer when the hospital and in particular the emergencies were on the […]

UBS completely swallows Credit Suisse and wants to save 10 billion

The Swiss bank UBS wants to fully integrate the competitor Credit Suisse, which was acquired earlier this year, into its own company. The financial group announced this in its quarterly figures. With that merger, UBS wants to reduce costs by 10 billion dollars (9.2 billion euros) over the next two and a half years. UBS […]