El Salvador’s Bitcoin Fund bought an additional 100 BTC

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele wrote that the state bitcoin fund took advantage of the fall in the first cryptocurrency and acquired another 100 BTC. El Salvador just bought the dip. 100 extra coins acquired with a discount πŸ₯³#Bitcoin πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» – Nayib Bukele πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡» (@nayibbukele) November 26, 2021 Taking into account the new investment, the […]

Bitcoin Surpassed PayPal in Transferable Value

Since early 2021, the Bitcoin network has processed more transactions in USD than PayPal. This is stated in the Blockdata report. The decentralized network’s quarterly average was $ 489 billion, while PayPal’s was $ 302 billion. Comparison of the volumes of the value transferred by the networks by quarters. Data: Blockdata. Both figures are well […]

Bread token has risen in price by 500% overnight :: RBC.Crypto

Altcoin surpasses $ 1 after its developer was acquired by the first ever public cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase The value of the Bread token has surged more than 500% overnight, to current levels of $ 1.06, according to CoinGecko. Its price began to rise after the altcoin developer Breadwallet, which also develops the eponymous cryptocurrency wallet, […]

A restaurant chain in Canada increased its profits by 5 times thanks to bitcoin :: RBC.Crypto

Tahinis invests net profit in first cryptocurrency since August 2020 due to rising inflation Tahinis, a Middle Eastern restaurant chain in Canada, increased its profits by 460% thanks to its Bitcoin purchase, Business Insider reports. According to the publication, the restaurant chain has been investing its net profit in the first cryptocurrency since August 2020. […]

2021.11.22[Bitcoin has bottomed out? ]| FXcoin crypto assets (virtual currency) information site

The following notes are posted on the website of the Financial Services Agency.List of crypto asset exchange company registrationhttps://www.fsa.go.jp/menkyo/menkyoj/kasoutuka.pdf The crypto assets listed in this list are only those that have been confirmed to meet the definition under the Fund Settlement Law by asking the crypto asset exchange company that handles them for explanation. The […]

China’s Maneuver to Eradicate Crypto Bitcoin Cs

The Chinese government’s determination to destroy cryptocurrencies is getting stronger. This was done because it judged the practice of cryptocurrency mining to be very destructive. Massive raids to sanctions are now being carried out as a maneuver for China to eradicate Bitcoin cs. .

long-term holders of bitcoin do not get rid of the asset :: RBC.Crypto

According to analysts, large investors sold about 0.7% of their reserves in a month, despite a 20% decrease in the first cryptocurrency after updating a historical high above $ 69 thousand. Large long-term holders of bitcoin do not panic over the decline in bitcoin by 20% after updating its all-time high above $ 69 thousand, […]

China Really Wants To Destroy Bitcoin

Beijing – The Chinese government is serious about tackling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in its own country. Even the recent actions of the Bamboo Curtain Country had suppressed the previously soaring price of Bitcoin. As quoted detikINET According to CNN, Chinese authorities have intensified raids on crypto mining, calling it a very destructive practice and a […]