Mark Mobius Predicted Bitcoin’s Fall to $10,000

The next target for bitcoin is $10,000. Mark Mobius, a well-known investor in emerging markets, shared this forecast, writes Bloomberg. The expert noted that he would not invest his own funds or clients’ money in cryptocurrencies, because “it is too dangerous.” At the same time, he does not believe that the emerging asset class will […]

Key players in the crypto market are declaring bankruptcy one after another

After the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange, experts already warned that the loss of one of the market’s leading players could drag others down with it. We didn’t have to wait long for that: barely a month Sam Bankman-Fried after its fall, the crypto market lender BlockFi also filed for bankruptcy, Reuters reports. There […]

rate and form of payment

The mortgage loan market is almost non-existent in Argentina, but is it possible to save in crypto to buy a property? The lack of access to credit, unstoppable inflation and the continuous devaluation of the peso make up a Hostile environment to fulfill the dream of owning a home. To this we must add that […]

Stock market: what is moving in the markets before the opening on Monday

(Photo: Getty Images) MARKET REVIEWS. Global markets fell midway through European trading on Monday, pushed cautiously by protests in China that raise concerns about the world’s second-largest economy. Stock market indices at 8 a.m. The futures contracts Dow Jones posted a decline of 182.00 points (-0.53%) to 34,174.00 points. The futures contracts S&P 500 dropped […]

Sorry, Bitcoin and friends are predicted to become extinct!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bitcoin and other crypto assets are back in the spotlight after the bankruptcy of one of the largest exchanges, FTX. The issue of crypto winter has resurfaced, moreover the price of bitcoin et al continues to decline. Crypto winter even sounds better than the prediction from one of the well-known investors, […]

Buy These Assets, Poor People Can Be Auto Rich

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Author Robert Kiyosaki provides advice on which assets to buy in the current market scenario. According to him, these assets must be in the form of money. Kiyosaki says 2022 is the time to get richer. In the popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad which he wrote, Kiyosaki reveals three lessons […]

Cryptocurrency market shakes to its foundations due to FTX crash

For the cryptocurrency market, the fall of the FTX exchange may represent the same moment as the collapse of Lehman Brothers for the world of traditional investments. The whole system may collapse, resembling the proverbial house of cards. Who will survive and who is the collapse almost inevitable? US brokerage Genesis, which deals in digital […]

Bitcoin Slumps 5.28%, Moves to $16,880.2

Bitcoin traded at as of 6:12 a.m. today (November 12) dropped 5.28% to $16,880.2. movement in the negative territory of bitcoin price this morning happened after FTX declared bankruptcy, whichdigital currencyOthers plummeted as well. Mr. Sam Bankman-Fried Announces Resignation as CEO of FTX As FTX Enters Processbankrupt FTX, a currency trading platformcrypto issued a […]

Oops: one of the biggest crypto exchanges went bankrupt!

The American FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange initiated bankruptcy proceedings against itself. One of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, FTX, has announced that it will file bankruptcy proceedings against itself. Sam Bankman-Fried, the head of the listed company, has announced that he is leaving his post. The company was registered in Antigua and Barbuda in 2019. […]