Romania is investigating an explosion that damaged a cargo ship in the Black Sea

The Togolese-flagged Seama was rocked by an explosion as it approached the Danube River near the Romanian coast. All 12 crew members were evacuated, Romanian officials said. A minesweeper and divers arrived at the scene. The Romanian navy initially said there were no signs of a mine explosion, saying divers would need to examine the […]

Lincoln Navigator Black Gold is super luxurious, for China’s super-rich

As the name suggests, New Lincoln Navigator Black Gold 2023 has an exterior that combines black and metallic yellow. In Chinese beliefs, black represents luxury, elegance and power, while yellow represents luck and happiness. Compared to the standard version, this model xe SUV Navigator Black Gold Overall length increased by 21mm, to 5,657 mm. In […]

Recep Erdogan failed in his attempt to convince Vladimir Putin to agree to the reactivation of the agreement on the transport of grain through the Black Sea

Expectations from President Recep Erdogan’s visit to Sochi were high regarding the possibility of returning to an agreement on Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea. But, as a commentator from the Swiss publication “Le Temps” expressed, the Turkish president returned home “with his tail between his legs”. The calculations he had made relying on […]

Shock wave in US: bodycam images show how agent shoots pregnant black woman (21).

with videoIn the United States, a new case of serious police brutality is causing great outrage. Bodycam footage released by Ohio State Police shows an officer shooting and killing a pregnant black woman. The family of the victim, 21-year-old Ta’kiya Young, speaks of a criminal act’ and denounces the ‘serious abuse of power’. Foreign editors […]

Black hunting season has begun

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent, hunting regions, species, hunting periods and limits were determined by the Central Hunting Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, taking into account the regional differences in the biological development of wild animals. In this context, hunting quail, turtledove, jay, jackdaw, crocus, carrion crow, cormorant, […]

Review | REPENTANCE – The Process Of Human Demise

19.08.2023 | 21:07 Modern Thrash with a shoulder look back to the nineties. In the run-up I had prepared myself for another thrash club that tried to reproduce the old Bay Area sound with a modern sound. But far from it: The Chicago-based quintet REPENTANCE has more of the nineties in their veins, grooves and […]

3 cases of the highly contagious “Black Death” were recorded in China

Amid fears of its spread, the local government in the Inner Mongolia region, in northern China, announced the registration of two cases of bubonic plague, or what is known as the “Black Death”, after discovering a previous infection on the seventh of August. And the government said in a statement yesterday, Saturday, that “the two […]