Black spot slows down the export of lemons

The bad news is sifted by two others that equate the balance: 1) the Tuesday shipment of first shipment to China, which promises to open a high-volume market if the pilot test of only 24 tons at Hong Kong it turns out well and the lemons arrive with the intended quality; and 2) practically The […]

24 hours later, big black smoke is still visible!

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 5:05 p.m. By JC Firefighters intervened in large numbers in an equestrian center, in Saint-Symphorien, this Tuesday shortly after 5 p.m. Large black smoke is still visible. An 800 square meter agricultural shed was destroyed by fire. The damage is considerable. The firefighters stayed all night and are […]

Kaaris presents “Goulag”, Booba clashes him while Gims supports him

The enemies of Booba are mobilizing … Kaaris who has just been in the news for a problem with young people from Cannes preferred not to comment on the situation, letting one of the members of his entourage do it for him. Since the cancellation of the octagon with Booba, he has concentrated on his […]

couple brandishes weapons in front of protesters to protect their home (video)

Posted on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 3:43 p.m. The two residents were particularly threatening. This Sunday, a new event “Black Lives Matter” was organized in Saint-Louis, in the United States. Yet peaceful, the 300 demonstrators found themselves confronted with a surreal scene as they passed through a chic district of the city. Two Americans […]

United States: armed couple leaves their house during a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration and targets the participants (video) – Le Soir

United States: armed couple leaves their house during a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration and targets the participants (video) Le Soir Surrealist scene in full demonstration “Black Lives Matter”: a couple brandishes weapons in front of the demonstrators to protect their house (video) The real epidemic impact of the Black Lives Matter event and the […]

USA: Man shot dead during “Black Lives Matter” demonstration

One shooting killed one person and injured at least one other among the protesters. Un man was fatally injured Saturday night by gunshot during a demonstration against racism under the banner “Black Lives Matter” in Louisville, in the center of the United States, where the death in March of a black woman, killed by the […]

Two black holes collided: the photo that travels the world

According to a statement issued by the Municipal University of New York, the researchers ruled out other possibilities before they could relate the recorded light to that crash.. Alternative options included the involvement of a supernova and a scenario in which the tidal forces from one of the holes destroyed a neighboring star, but both […]

The Black Eyed Peas reactivated the tube machine

Taboo (Jaime Luis Gomez), hat on the skull is the first to connect. It is 6:30 p.m. in France, 9:30 a.m. in Los Angeles where the three Black Eyed Peas live. While waiting for the others, the musician presents to the camera some trophies dating from the group’s beginnings: the first gold disc (for the […]

Police Kill Black Man, Mass Chaos in Atlanta

AFP, CNN Indonesia | Sunday, 14/06/2020 19:23 PM Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — protesters rallied in front of fast food restaurant wendy’s in Atlanta, US (13/6). This action is the aftermath of the shooting of a black citizen named Reyshard Brooks. Brooks, 27 years old, died after shot by police in the parking lot of wendy’s […]