Justice blocks walloon section radars

The local police and the justice system must ratify a memorandum of understanding regarding the use of the device. Lhe college of attorneys general has written to the Walloon minister in charge of road safety to request a postponement of the commissioning of sites already equipped with section radars by the federal police on the […]

New York judge temporarily blocks revelation book written by Trump’s niece

The book “Too much and never enough: how my family created the most dangerous man in the world” is due out on July 28 and looks embarrassing for the president. Un New York judge temporarily blocked Tuesday the publication of a book written by the niece of Donald Trump, which is due out on July […]

Owner, Rw does offer in STORE NOW

The Mirage’s Retail Group, the owner of the Dutch chain store Blokker is making a bid for department store chain HEMA. This confirms a spokesman for mgm Mirage’s Retail Group-Sundays at NU.nl from the date of notification in the The New Means Of Communication. “We have a Thursday-took the plunge and decided that we should […]

Faced with criticism, Elio Di Rupo reminds everyone that they are doing their utmost in this period of crisis: “9 health ministers? No, only one: De Block! ”

Posted on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 6:30 a.m. By didier swysen Too fast deconfinement? Elio Di Rupo (PS) explains how the Security Council is advancing in a balanced manner between the opinions of experts and the pressures of the economic lobbies. The Walloon minister-president talks about tests in nursing homes. If everyone is trying […]

Medics Join Union Discontent Against Maggie De Block: “The Cup Is Full”

“We demand to be heard and recognized,” claims the General Union of Nurses of Belgium (UGIB). LThe General Union of Nurses of Belgium (UGIB) joins Thursday in the dissatisfaction expressed the day before by the French-speaking trade union front about two royal decrees published by the Minister of Public Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD). […]

Uneven reaction among Basque unions to the Guide to return to the pit

The Basque Government’s Guide for the return to the pit starting tomorrow of those companies – eminently, industry and construction – considered non-essential, revealed yesterday by DV, generated mixed reactions among the Basque unions, while the employers’ association, Confebask, chose not to speak out. Thus, that sort of ‘road map’ for the restart raised sharp […]

Coronavirus: Maggie De Block discredits Bart De Wever

Health Minister wonders what advice Bart De Wever used to turn around overnight Federal Minister of Health Maggie De Block (Open Vld) wondered on Wednesday what opinion based the boss of the N-VA used to say, in one night, one thing and its opposite about management of the new coronavirus. The minister expressed herself in […]

New in Microsoft Edge: block unwanted apps

The NavigatorEdgefromMicrosofthas added a new feature that will block downloads of potentially unwanted applications, which can make devices less efficient. This new feature is available from the version80.0.338.0Microsoft Edge and is disabled by default. The company would have been working on this function since last September. Microsoft defines aspotentially unwanted applicationthose that show ads or […]