Sandbox, Decentraland… What are the main metaverses?

Since the end of October 2021, very strong attention has been focused on the metaverse that Facebook / Meta is preparing. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook gives us a glimpse of a fabulous future in a kind of immersive parallel world. Yet he did not land on virgin territory. Several universes that can be […]

Blockchain Technology – What is it?

02.06.2022 | crypto law Blog News The so-called blockchain technology has been in use for more than ten years. Still, it remains a mystery to most.Not only on a technical but also on a legal level, this topic is very complex. Precisely because a technical understanding of the system is a prerequisite for applying the […]

Kirkland advises UserZoom on the acquisition of Testapic

This acquisition enables UserZoom to deliver to more teams around the world the high-quality user insights they need to create exceptional digital experiences. For more information, please see the company’s press release. The Kirkland team was led by: • on corporate aspects: Laurent Victor-Michel, partner, as well as Lucy Bower and Amanda Levi-Acobas, associates; • […]

Learn about the concepts behind stablecoins and how they work

Tam Shams – Wednesday, May 25, 2022 08:41 PM – Cointelegraph Video Production Director Jackson Dumont provides a detailed explanation of stablecoins in the final episode of Cryptopedia. Dumont also explored and explained algorithmic stablecoins while explaining the recent incident involving the Terra Usd (UST) and why it has not been able to maintain its […]

New York’s lower house wants to curb environmentally harmful crypto mining

There are said to be no new emissions permits for mining particularly energy-intensive cryptocurrencies in the US state of New York, initially for two years. The state lower house decided on Tuesday by a vote of 91 to 56. A similar bill is pending in the House of Lords, but time is running out. Only […]

Does the job have meaning?

By Élisée Hazan, Internal Communication & Content Manager, Prodware. If we stick to its traditional definition, a job is a production contract allowing a person to obtain remuneration. It is therefore important for the employer to give meaning to work, if only to support its employees in carrying out their tasks, an achievement […]

Dissecting the plan ‘Yegdrasil’ year 65, invade ‘Game’ on the ‘Metaverse’ fully.

Factors that help push the game business in the global market to be of great value Coming from new platforms for gaming business such as blockchain, NFT, cryptocurrencies. entertainment content industry, especially “game” and “Animation” There is still room for serious entrepreneurial growth. especially the coming of the metaverse world “Yggdrasil Group” A new generation […]

Kraken is closing its San Francisco headquarters

Kraken’s CEO decided to close the company’s San Francisco headquarters after blaming the city for its inability to ensure public safety. San Francisco is not safe Jesse Powell, Kraken’s CEO, released a statement that the company had closed its San Francisco headquarters “after numerous employees were assaulted, harassed and robbed on their way to and […]