DRK blood donation service is looking forward to the holidays with concern

Berlin (dpa/bb) – According to the German Red Cross (DRK), the supply situation for blood products in Berlin and Brandenburg is still extremely tense. “We have a daily stock of just under two days, five days in advance would be desirable,” said Kerstin Schweiger, spokeswoman for the DRK blood donation service north-east of the German […]

Not enough blood donations, scarce blood supplies

Jun 28, 2022 @ 3:53pm Worried about the holiday season : Scarce blood – the situation in NRW hospitals is so critical Blood supplies are becoming scarce in many clinics in North Rhine-Westphalia. Photo: dpa/Marius Becker Düsseldorf There is concern that the holiday season could further exacerbate blood shortages, leaving only emergency care covered. How […]

World Blood Donor Day: There is really nothing wrong with a donation!

It’s actually the prick that keeps a lot of people off. When the blood donation services ask about the importance of donating blood, 90 percent of those questioned are of the opinion that this is a very important topic. But of those who could donate, only three to four percent do so in the end. […]

DRK Gladbeck is asking for blood donations today

Currently too few stocks of blood donations DRK asks for an online appointment There are currently too few stocks of blood products, says the DRK. Lifted corona restrictions and the associated greater mobility of people had a negative effect on the willingness to donate blood. Anyone who is healthy and can generally donate blood is […]

Signs You Have Blood Disorders

KOMPAS.com – The blood that flows throughout our bodies can be disturbed, which has several signs to watch out for because it can affect the overall health of the body. Collect Verywell Health, Disorders can be experienced by the three main components of blood, namely: Red blood cells: which carry oxygen to body tissues. White […]

7 Tips to Prevent Diabetes Without Draining Your Wallet

PORTALMALUKU.COM — Diabetes is characterized by elevated levels of sugar in the blood. The cause can be related to heredity to obesity. Prevention of type 1 diabetes is difficult because it is related to genetic factors. Meanwhile, type 2 diabetes, which generally stems from an unhealthy lifestyle, can still be prevented. Diabetes is a disease […]

Cyclist Friedrich lost two liters of blood: “…

krone.at 15 days ago Professional cyclist Friedrich seriously injured after collision Marco Friedrich sustained serious injuries during the Czech Cup road bike race on Sunday. The Felbermayr professional touched in the … Read the whole article: Cyclist Friedrich heavy after collision…→ #Friedrich #Marco Friedrich […]

Bathe in blood again with Destruction – Weil am Rhein

The Weiler Band is also celebrating its 40th anniversary at its third festival appearance / 60 percent of the tickets have already been sold. . After a two-year wait – last year there was only a slimmed-down Corona edition – the Dreilndergarten in Weil am Rhein will once again be the meeting place for metal […]