Harley-Davidson Pan America, ready for adventure

NEW – Renowned for its big road machines, the American firm is venturing into the big trail segment. With the Pan America, Harley enters the big trail market. Harley-Davidson The Milwaukee firm, renowned for its large machines mainly intended for cruising, has decided to diversify. Not content with preparing an electric motorcycle, the LiveWire, Harley-Davidson […]

BMW, a unique concept: The motorcycle that prevents accidents

BMW has unveiled a new concept that marks 100 years of history for BMW: an electric motorcycle with a construction that prevents accidents, which is why the driver no longer needs protective equipment. The motorcycle proposed by BMW has minimal chances to ever reach series production, but this does not prevent us from appreciating the […]

BMW revolutionizes the electric scooter

BMW is developing a vehicle that combines the advantages of a two-wheeler with those of a car. True, the House of Monaco had already tried it about twenty years ago with the C1, but that vehicle did not have the hoped-for success and was removed from the market only a couple of years after its […]

BMW for Iron Man. This beauty was ordered by Robert Downey Jr.

American actor Robert Downey Jr. he seems to have good taste. At least as far as cars are concerned. This is evidenced by the latest addition to his garage, the BMW 3.0 CS (E9) from 1974. But not just any. Specialists from the SpeedKore company have already managed to look at the Bavarian. Downey Jr. […]

BMW announces first maintenance-free motorcycle chain

BMW claims that this type of dry lubrication and the elimination of wear is equivalent to wiping a secondary transmission by cardan (transmission shaft) and that cleaning work is eliminated (much of it by having to eliminate and replace the used lubricant of the chain), and that is also more Respectful with the environment. But […]

The photo of the electric BMW iX3 provoked a debate about its real range

A comparison of the battery condition and the estimated range in the official interior image of the electric BMW iX3 has sparked a debate on the actual range. However, the explanation can be very simple. The Munich carmaker recently published a picture of the interior of the BMW iX3 electric SUV on its Facebook profile, […]

The BMW driver pointed the finger – received a 75-fold fine

On German motorways, it is allowed to drive as fast as you want / dare / manage in some places. The Autobahn is widely known for its stretches without speed limits. But it is still the case that there is actually a speed limit in most places, also on the Autobahn. And just like in […]