bond crash and your interest skyrockets 50% weekly

Scared of the investors of the bonds of the English Treasury. The ‘crash’ in debt prices issued by the United Kingdom catapults again this Tuesday the yields of these assets and, therefore, the cost of State financing. The interest on the 10-year ‘gilt’ exceeds 4.5% for the first time since September 2008, when it went […]

Pacific Biosciences of California Stock: Is It Really Right Now? ()

As of September 24, 2022, 6:23 a.m., Pacific Biosciences Of California shares are listed at USD 5.72 on the NASDAQ GS home exchange. Pacific Biosciences Of California is part of the Life Sciences Tools and Services segment. Our team of analysts conducted an analysis of Pacific Biosciences Of California based on this market valuation. A […]

PBF Energy share: You should take a closer look here! ()

On September 24, 2022, 02:00 a.m., Pbf Energy is trading at USD 29.88 on the New York home exchange. Pbf Energy is part of the Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing segment. Our analysts rated Pbf Energy based on 8 criteria. Each criterion defines a “buy”, “hold” or “sell” assessment. The overall assessment results from […]

iShares China Large-Cap Stock: What a Defeat! ()

iShares China Large-Cap ETF is currently (as of 5:17 p.m.) clearly in the red (-1.84 percent) at USD 26.63. We evaluated iShares China Large-Cap ETF in an in-house analysis according to the 4 most important factors based on current data. This results in an evaluation as “Buy”, “Hold” or “Sell”. These 4 different individual factors […]

Pacific Biosciences of California Stock: This news comes at just the right time! ()

Pacific Biosciences Of California, a company from the “Life Sciences Tools and Services” market, is currently (as of 02:00 a.m.) listed at USD 5.72 in the red (-1.89 percent), the company’s home stock exchange is NASDAQ GS. In an in-house analysis, we evaluated Pacific Biosciences Of California according to the 7 most important factors based […]

TUI: Citadel Advisors short exposure raised moderately – Aktiennews (

Hannover ( – Short seller Citadel Advisors LLC slightly increases net short position in TUI shares: The short sellers of the hedge fund Citadel Advisors LLC are increasing their exposure to the shares of the travel provider Europa TUI AG (ISIN: DE000TUAG000, WKN: TUAG00, ticker symbol: TUI1, Nasdaq OTC symbol: TUIFF). The financial professionals of […]

Spotify S share: Please be sure to look at the numbers! ()

As of September 14, 2022, 10:31 a.m., the price of the Spotify share is displayed at USD 101.96. The paper belongs to the “Telecommunications Services” branch. We analyzed Spotify’s prospects based on 5 major categories. The stock receives a partial rating for each category. In an overall view, the results lead to the classification as […]

NetApp stock: That’s a bang! ()

This analysis deals with the Netapp stock, which is managed in the “Technology Hardware and Equipment” segment. The stock trades on 08/13/2022 05:59 on its home exchange NASDAQ GS at USD 74.93. We have analyzed this share in 8 points and given the rating “Buy”, “Hold” and “Sell”. At the end of the analysis you […]

SFC Energy share: It’s good if you’re still invested! ()

Sfc Energy, a company from the “Electrical Components and Equipment” market, is currently (as of 02:00 a.m.) unchanged at EUR 20.45, the company’s home exchange is Xetra. In order to evaluate this course, we subjected Sfc Energy to a multi-stage analysis process. This results in assessments as to whether Sfc Energy should be classified as […]