Cáceres Shared Agenda: Visiting the Patron Saint and Common Interests

Cáceres shared an agenda this Saturday with common interests. First of all, the visit to the patron saint, who is in the city to celebrate her novena. As usual, an incessant pilgrimage line from the center to the co-cathedral of Santa María. On this occasion, The day featured the Banco de AlimentosFirst, because the Virgen […]

Literary circles – reading together – double happiness

Reading connects. This is proven by the countless literary circles that meet regularly to exchange ideas about books, whether at home, in a bookstore – or increasingly online since Corona. What is the attraction of reading together? “Any genre is suitable” “There is nothing that does not exist in reading circles. And I’m always surprised […]

10 years B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, University of Design Offenbach am Main, press release

From October 15th, the B3 Biennale of the Moving Image will start in various locations in Frankfurt with the main theme »Transformation«. In verbal contributions, artworks, films, VR experiences and NFTs, media professionals and artists show in very different ways what transformation means to them: scientifically, technologically, politically, culturally, philosophically and very personally. program onlineThe […]