France will force Amazon to charge three euros for shipping of books

The French government is going to force Amazon to impose a minimum tariff of shipping costs of 3 euros for book orders of less than 35 euros and try to make up the price differenceor between traditional bookstores and the multinational e-commerce company. A French law from 2014 already prohibits the delivery of free books […]

Save the forbidden books – La Nueva EspaƱa

Maria Saragossa is the best possible guide to get into “The Library of Fire”. It is the initiation story of Tina, “a girl who has always wanted to be a librarian and who hardly knows anything about life, because she belongs to a well-off family from the provinces and has always studied at home with […]

Dispenser reaches primary schools to promote literacy

DALLAS — Clarissa Alejandre-Carrasco, a student at Eddie Bernice Johnson Academy, excitedly tried out her school’s new book vending machine Tuesday, thanks to a generous donation from Atmos Energy to the Dallas Education Foundation. Instead of a typical snack or drink dispenser, the book vending machine sparks a different kind of excitement for teachers and […]

Our program for the Sustainability Action Week

19.09.2022 Our program for the Sustainability Action Week Science lecture, pop-up fair divider and program for the whole family: In September we offer numerous campaigns and events in our libraries as part of the German Action Week on the subject of sustainability. In the central library, the program is under the motto “Life under water” […]

Bueu’s books complete their move

The change in the Torrente Ballester de Bueu library is now complete. The company hired by el Concello de Bueu proceeded between Monday and yesterday to the transfer of some 27,000 books to the municipal swimming pool, where they will remain stored in an air-conditioned room until the end of the renovation of the library. […]

Marea demands that scholarships for books and material be granted based on income

Marea de Vigo considers municipal aid for the purchase of books and school supplies “essential”, but stresses that “they must be proportional to income”. He stresses that the new format “is socially unfair” by establishing a linear aid per child of 205 euros “regardless of income level and without guaranteeing that the resources end up […]

True crimes cleverly analyzed: “True Crime”

criminal cases True crimes cleverly analyzed: “True Crime” The author Romy Hausmann has dealt with true crimes. Photo: Jens Kalaene/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa In her new book “True Crime” Romy Hausmann presents real criminal cases. She is concerned with presenting old cases and their resolution. Berlin. True criminal cases, […]


The house is full of books. Little by little they pile up on the ground and it is as if seaweed were growing on that ground, or faces that call you to pay attention to them, or voices that shout luminous in the middle of the dark. Among all those books, I like to go […]

Vigo dawns covered in books

Vigueses and viguesas have woken up today with a nice surprise waiting for them on the street. More than 600 books scattered around different points in the city center invited to be picked up from early in the morning with the message of: “This book is for the first to find it”. Alba Cobo and […]