Drone reveals images of plastic waste overflowing in a river in Bosnia | Up-to-the-World EXPRESS |

Rewrite this content Environmental activists release drone footage of plastic waste that overflows in the rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ready to call for speeding up the problem #Bosnia #Plastic Waste #Environment #PPTVHD36 #ThanlokEXPRESS #Big news stories #Channel 36 #PPTVNews #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website https://www.pptvhd36.com and Social Media channels Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PPTVHD36 […]

Missing Dutch in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been found

Facebook / GSS Novi Grad Sarajevo NOS News•Wednesday, 14:04 Two Dutchmen who went missing in Bosnia and Herzegovina are found by local rescue workers. The pair had left for a mountain in the Dinaric Alps yesterday. When nothing more was heard from them, the Dutch embassy sounded the alarm. The local rescue service set out […]

The 5 big debts of FC Barcelona for past signings

As everyone knows, the economic situation of the FC Barcelona It has been very delicate, especially during the last two transfer markets. However, the Blaugrana board always manages to end up closing the transfers that the team needs. However, some signings from the past remain unpaid and the debt with different clubs in Europe grows. […]

Bosnia goes to the polls, but how long will the country last?

EPA NOS News•yesterday, 08:36•Amended yesterday, 09:51 David Jan Godfroid correspondent Balkan David Jan Godfroid correspondent Balkan The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been going on for more than a quarter of a century, and yet in many ways it is as if it only ended yesterday. The country does not function or hardly functions. […]

50 more victims buried on anniversary of Srebrenica massacre

50 more victims buried on anniversary of Srebrenica massacre 50 more victims buried on anniversary of Srebrenica massacre 50 more victims buried on anniversary of Srebrenica massacre Mon, July 11, 2022, 5:16 p.m The remains of 50 other victims were buried at the commemoration ceremony on the 27th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre on Monday. […]

Ivaylo Petev writes history with Bosnia, touches the World Cup in Qatar

The Bulgarian national football team has no chance of qualifying for next year’s World Cup, but a Bulgarian coach continues to dream. Ivaylo Petev will lead the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina in two decisive battles for the second place in Group D. There the leader is clear – France, but the battle for […]

Bosnia is in danger of disintegration, warns in a leaked UN report

The country is governed by a complex administration. Nov 2, 2021 at 9:08 pm TASR SARAJEVO. Bosnia is in imminent danger of disintegration and there is a very real threat of a return to armed conflict. This was stated in the evaluation report by the High Representative of the United Nations (UN) in Bosnia and […]