Ukraine Russia Online: Merkel considers Russian invasion unjustifiable

Reports that Russia is stealing grain from Ukraine for resale are “credible.” Antony Blinken said at a conference of the US Department of Diplomacy on food security issues in connection with the war in Ukraine. “There is credible news … that Russia is plundering Ukraine’s grain exports to sell it for its own gain,” Blinken […]

Ukraine: Russian soldiers killed civilians and looted a car showroom

The attack took place near Kiev in early March. video // WASHINGTON / KIEV. CNN has released a video in which Russian soldiers murdered two unarmed civilians and robbed a car show in the Kiev region. According to the station, the event is being investigated by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office as a war crime. The […]

Ukraine Russia Online: The Pope spoke to the wives of soldiers fighting in Mariupol

A member of the Russian protest group Pussy Riot has fled Russia after her Moscow court turned her remainder of her one-year suspended sentence into a real prison in April, violating her sentence. Marija Aľochinová violated anti-pandemic measures. The court’s decision meant that Alochinova would have to serve the remaining 21 days of his sentence […]

Almost four million people left Russia in the first three months

This follows from FSB statistics. MOSCOW. Almost four million Russians left Russia during the first three months of 2022. According to official statistics released by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) on Saturday. TASR has taken over the report from The Guardian. The countries of the former Soviet Union saw an increased influx of Russian […]

They opened an exhibition dedicated to NATO in Moscow, calling it a chronicle of cruelty

Admission is free. MOSCOW. The Moscow Museum of Modern Russian History opened an exhibition entitled “NATO. Chronicle of Cruelty” in early April, which shows visitors how the activities of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its cooperation with Ukraine allegedly led to the invasion of Ukraine. TASR took over the report from the AFP […]

The Russian ambassador refused to come to the committee, he only sent an opinion

The committee wanted to discuss the circumstances of the civilian killings in Ukraine. BRATISLAVA. The meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and National Minorities, at which the deputies were to hear the Ambassador of the Russian Federation Igor Bratchikov about the circumstances of the murder of the civilian population in Ukraine, will not […]

According to Putin, the sanctions turned against the USA and its allies

However, the Russian president acknowledged that consumer prices in the country had risen sharply. MOSCOW. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the influx of sanctions from the West against Russia has failed. The West expected it to quickly disrupt the financial and economic situation, cause market panic, a collapse of the banking system and […]