Special nutrients can slow down Alzheimer’s disease – healing practice

Alzheimer’s disease is characterized by an increasing loss of memory. A new mix of nutrients should slow this process down. (Image: Orawan / stock.adobe.com) New nutrient mix is ​​said to slow down Alzheimer’s Due to the aging population, dementias such as Alzheimer’s are becoming more common. Despite its high prevalence, there are no drugs or […]

Favorite music promotes happiness in the brain – healing practice

Music is able to trigger a real happiness in the brain. (Image: JenkoAtaman / stock.adobe.com) What music does to our brain Many people know that moment when we are sitting in the car or on the sofa or going to a concert and then suddenly our favorite song is played. The music makes the hair […]

Tips to cleanse and strengthen the brain – Health

When was the last time you felt truly happy and whole, clear-minded, rested, and deeply connected to yourself?, with people and with the world? If you have been a workaholic for a long time, have trouble sleeping or are chained to your digital devices, your brain most likely needs a ‘tune-up’, according to Drs. David […]

Alzheimer’s risk is four times higher with’this gene’? | News/Column | Health Story

Research results show that the’Apolipoprotein-E ε4′ gene affects the permeability of the cerebrovascular barrier and thus affects the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. The team of Professor Wonjin Moon of the Department of Radiology at Konkuk University Hospital used dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging (DCE image) using 3Tesla MRI to have a higher permeability of the blood brain […]

The diet to boost brain, memory and concentration: the Superbrain book

More memory, awake brain and ability to concentrate through a 21-day food program. A miraculous purpose? It would seem, that of nutritionist Gigliola Braga and strategic learning expert Massimo De Donno. In fact now science, the two experts argue Superbrain (their new recipe manual by Ugo Gastaldi just released for Mondadori), has amply demonstrated how […]

How the chip that connects the brain to a computer works – News

Billionaire Elon Musk reported that his startup Neuralink is making progress on an interface that connect the brain with computers, which is expected to begin testing in people next year. “We can do a complete brain-machine interface,” Musk said with members of Neuralink during an event in San Francisco to showcase their progress and recruit […]

After severe migraines, woman discovers she has larvae in her brain

An Australian woman discovered that she had larvae of ténias in the brain after having suffered migraines for more than a week. The headaches were caused by the larvae that lodged in the 25-year-old Australian’s brain, according to a study published in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. The woman, who has never […]

When cirrhosis of the liver becomes fatal

news International research association determines three forms of “acute decompensated liver cirrhosis” by Adolf Albus (27.08.2020) If the body can no longer compensate for the gradual failure of the liver as a result of liver cirrhosis, there is a risk of acute decompensation of the liver cirrhosis. In some patients, this quickly develops into an […]