Brexit negotiations, stalled, hard-Brexit no deal is imminent, THE

In the European Union, and the United Kingdom, while the Brexit negotiations this week failed to make any progress, as both parties are on Friday, know. So, it looks like the dreaded ” no-deal scenario, it is still a step to come closer. “This week, there will be no significant progress has been made. We […]

Pound is about to crash again

London The Corona crisis has one good thing from the perspective of many Britons: it has pushed Brexit off the agenda. Since the UK left the EU in late January, the issue has become quiet. The future trade relationship with the EU is not yet regulated, and the “no deal” threatens again at the end […]

The State plays 1,000 million in the viability of Iberia and Air Europa

05/17/2020 05:00 Advanced in Spain is very much at stake in making Iberia and Air Europa viable. Not only because there are important Spanish airlines in the future, with everything that implies in jobs, in the promotion of tourism or in mobility between countries, but by direct exposure through credits and participation in the IAG […]

EU and Great Britain get caught in the trade dispute

EU negotiator Michel Barnier The corona crisis further complicates the negotiations now conducted via video conference. (Photo: dpa) Brussels At least in their findings, Michel Barnier and David Frost agree: “I regret that we have made very little progress,” said London’s chief negotiator Frost. His Brussels counterpart Barnier called the latest round of negotiations “very […]

Corona could cost insurers more than $ 200 billion

London The corona crisis will bring the insurance industry the biggest loss in its history. The insurance market Lloyd’s of London estimates that the cost could add up to $ 203 billion this year alone. The total is made up of $ 107 billion in insurance losses and $ 96 billion in investment losses. The […]

In turn, Britain’s growth begins to plunge

Just one week of containment in the first quarter weighed heavily on activity, already slowed by uncertainties linked to Brexit. In London, May 5, in a shopping artery during confinement. Frank Augstein / AP Correspondent in London The shock begins to be felt. A few days after the Bank of England (BoE) predicted a historic […]

Art trade in crisis: Solidarity comes with the virus

KCompetition was yesterday. Now a virus is welding our world together. This is not only experienced by empirical science. The art market is also cooperative. Gallerists, who are actually considered competitors, suddenly pull together and hold together unusually closely. Even the hierarchical boundaries between small and large galleries continue to blur. The pandemic not only […]

Jon Savage on Joy Division: Ian Curtis wanted to be like Jim Morrison

Peter Hook: The police called me. They couldn’t reach Rob, they couldn’t reach anyone at all. I was the first person to tell you It was really strange because I was sitting at the table, we were just about to have lunch, on Sunday, and then the phone rang. I answered it and they said, […]

No progress in Brexit talks – “Time is running out”

Brexit The government in London has set a deadline until the end of the year to negotiate a contract for relations with the EU. (Photo: dpa) Brussels Talks about future relations between Britain and the European Union are stuck. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier accused the British side after the second week of talks on […]

The Brexit continues (

A deal is opening between Brussels and London in the negotiations on future relations. Before the Corona break, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier presented the British in March with a 440-page draft of how they envisage the future partnership with the United Kingdom. A clear signal: Brussels, not London, is setting the bargaining framework from […]