British logisticians are warning of bottlenecks over Christmas

There has been a lack of truck drivers in the UK for months. This ensured that gasoline was running out in many places. The logistics industry now fears consequences for Christmas. There could also be bottlenecks in Germany. The UK logistics industry expects bottlenecks and delays over Christmas. “Christmas is still a challenge for us,” […]

Will Brexit have consequences for England in the future? (Politics, UK)

I was born and raised in Germany, but I am British because my mother is British. I have a British passport but I believe I don’t have a certificate. Because of Brexit, I will soon get German citizenship, but my mother and I will keep British citizenship. but I wonder if I can study in […]

France secures fishing licenses on island of Guernsey amid post-Brexit disputes

First modification: 02/12/2021 – 19:47 The island of Guernsey approved new permanent fishing licenses for 43 French vessels, a situation that has been the subject of strong disputes between France and the United Kingdom, after that country left the European Union. However, around 100 more licenses to fish in British waters are still pending, including […]

Crisis meeting in Calais: EU countries want to crack down on smugglers – News

Participant at the crisis meeting in Calais. Photo: Francois Lo Presti / POOL AFP / AP / dpa Photo: dpa After the death of 27 migrants in the English Channel, EU countries want to do more against smugglers. Despite a diplomatic dispute, France and Great Britain emphasize the will to cooperate. Calais – At a […]

New centers for immigrants in Greece

IThe new reception centers for immigrants on the Greek islands of Leros and Kos, built by the European Union for asylum seekers, have been inaugurated. The former Samos camp housed nearly 7,000 immigrants from despite being built to house just fewer than 700. Social workers had been complaining for years that conditions were deplorable. The […]

The Anglo-French dispute is becoming more and more toxic

ERecommendation for Advent, after a terrible accident in the English Channel: How about if the French government didn’t go straight to the ceiling when something was good in London? And how about the British government realizing that the old partners on the continent are not dancing to their tune? Brexit is Brexit. The result of […]

Lack of babysitters in the UK sends salaries skyrocketing

The UK shortage takes its toll on supermarkets: cartons with photos instead of food The wealthiest British families offer surprising conditions to the ‘nannies’ to take care of their children, from salaries that amount to 70,000 pounds annually, to luxury cars and vacations abroad, quite a change from what they were previously offered. These types […]