Charles III announces the first major reform. It’s a blow to Prince Harry

While the British are still trying to come to terms with the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Charles III introduces his order at court. Recently it came to light that the monarch decided to sell off his mother’s inheritance. Now the first major reform of Charles III has been announced. On November 14, on his […]

Princess Katalin paid a heartwarming tribute to Queen Elizabeth

The Festival of Remembrance is held every November in Great Britain to celebrate their nation’s armed forces and service, unity and camaraderie. During this period, members of the British royal family can be seen wearing a red poppy flower badge in memory of soldiers who died in wars during all official appearances. Princess Catherine for […]

On video, Princess Katalin gives her badge to a three-year-old boy

Princess Catherine she visited Colham Manor Children’s Center the other day, with her usual elegance, kindness and charm. Yes, we loved her look, her Jimmy Choo bag, the must-have pearl earrings and her Mango dress, but that’s probably not why her visit will be so memorable for a lifetime. Much more because of his meeting […]

III. Károly and Meghan Markle’s relationship

On September 8, when the 96-year-old II. Queen Elizabeth passed away, of her eldest son III. Charles became king by name. The new ruler had to face several crises in the last two months, which were caused either by politics or some of his family members. Fotó: Chris Jackson/Getty Images Prime ministers have come and […]

Harry stabbed William cruelly

Harry’s book will undermine the reputation of the British royal family even more than previously expected, and what’s more, according to experts, it may cause such damage to the family that peace will become almost impossible between the parties after the publication of the memoir. Storm clouds are approaching Fans of the British royal family […]

6 times the royal family showed up in surprisingly cheap clothes

Central Media Group Zrt. Even mortals can afford the following clothes! It is true that the female members of the royal family love expensive, designer pieces, but sometimes they also like to dress quite average – if they feel like it, they can easily pick up a Zara or an H&M dress, for example. We […]

Velvet – Europe – Because of this, Princess Katalin could not have a fourth child

Although she and her husband, Prince William, are extremely family-oriented, it is not certain that they want to look forward to new parental joys. Princess Katalin and Prince Vilmos met during their university years. Their relationship experienced many ups and downs, they even broke up once, but they always got back together. Finally, they officially […]

Meghan Markle’s dress was compared to a garbage bag, the designer said

Meghan Markle on Friday, she stepped out in a flowy moss green jumpsuit, which she accessorized with an olive Ralph Lauren sweater, a Cuyana panama hat, and Valentino sunglasses. And the internet pounced on the daring fashion moment, calling the dress a trash bag, a strange and downright terrible choice. However, the designer practically thanked […]