Hispanic died riding the New York subway on Thanksgiving night

Few passengers on the NYC Subway Photo: Andrés Correa Guatarasma / Courtesy Héctor Ortiz, a 46-year-old man, was found dead inside a subway car in Brooklyn (NYC) on Thanksgiving night, the police reported. Ortiz was discovered by NYPD slumped and unconscious aboard a southbound F line train at Stillwell Avenue Station, Coney Island, around 6:30 […]

In front of a nightclub in New York: four people are shot dead

Panorama In front of night club Four men are shot dead in New York Published on 10/12/2019 | Reading time: 2 minutes Several people were shot dead in New York According to US media reports, several people were shot dead in front of a private club in Brooklyn, New York. More people were injured. The […]

Coronavirus in New York: Many still have to commute

“I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s not normal. This has its psychological price, that we are constantly being called home to the dead. We see all this grief in families, this pain. ”Edwin Raymond is a Brooklyn cop. Every time someone dies in their home district and the relatives call 911, Raymond has to […]

Protesters block vehicular traffic on Brooklyn Bridge

Supporters in support of Armenia stopped traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, overnight this Saturday. Several of the participants traveling in vehicles and waving flags occupied the streets. The objective of the protesters was to draw attention to the deaths of Armenians in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Both countries had agreed on a Russian-negotiated […]

United States: the New York subway, reflection of a city on the platform

Every five minutes, the speakers on the platform crackle: “We remind you that the metro is reserved for essential trips. You must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. Be careful, and thank you for making this journey with us. ” “It’s not like we have a choice! squeaks José, in his forties, […]

Diocese of Brooklyn dissatisfied with sanitary restrictions

The diocese of Brooklyn has spoken out following a judge’s decision to maintain restrictions on places of worship and schools in Brooklyn with a high number of coronavirus cases. The judge denied the diocese’s request to block the state order that limits the maximum number of people who can congregate in areas with sources of […]