The EU and the Russian Federation reacted to the events in Kyrgyzstan

Brussels and Moscow are calling to resolve the political crisis in the country without the use of force and to hold repeated elections. The European Union calls on the political forces in Kyrgyzstan to peacefully resolve the crisis in the country. This is stated in a statement by the EU foreign policy service, published on […]

Code of Conduct: Retailers and landlords want to share costs

economy Code of Conduct The fifty-fifty deal is supposed to save retailers and landlords from ruin Published on 06/03/2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes The lockdown will continue to have an economic effect on the retail and commercial real estate industries for a long time to come Source: Getty Images / Westend61 The lockdown puts […]

NATO asks Russia to reveal the Novichok nerve agent program suspected of being a chemical weapon for poisoning Navalny

BRUSSELS, – NATO has asked Russia to disclose Novichok’s nerve agent program to international watchdogs after the incident of the poisoning of Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said members were united in condemning the “horrific” attack, according to the report BBC on Friday (4/9/2020). Stoltenberg added there was “beyond […]

Rudi Vervoort: “We have the impression that we have to show that in Brussels things are not going well, especially in the Dutch-speaking press”

Rudi Vervoort, Minister-President of the Brussels Region, asked this morning on La Première to stop “comparing Antwerp to Brussels. We have the impression that we have to show that things are not going well in Brussels, especially in the Dutch-speaking press. “ The socialist recognizes that “the virus is circulating there more intensely than elsewhere, […]

The longest bus trip in the world: connecting London and India via Brussels

The trip is organized by the Indian travel agency Adventures Overland which hopes to be able to offer this new project, if the coronavirus pandemic allows it. To embark in London and get off in New Delhi, you will have to be patient: 20,000 kilometers and some 70 days of travel by bus. The reverse […]

The new directors of Brussels Airlines are known

Hans Van Bylen and Catherine Vandenborre become the new directors of Brussels Airlines. HVan Bylen, former manager of the German multinational Henkel, and Catherine Vandenborre, financial director of Elia, become the new directors of Brussels Airlines, revealed De Tijd on Friday. In return for helping the Lufthansa branch, the Belgian government was authorized to appoint […]

Coronavirus: the rise in the number of new cases seems to be slowing down in Brussels

Un the day before a new National Security Council (CNS), Sciensano spokespersons commented on the daily figures relating to the coronavirus epidemic in Belgium during the second press briefing of the week. “We are heading towards a decrease in the number of infected people” “The situation in Antwerp continues to develop favorably, with 135 new […]

Travel: the Netherlands places Brussels in code orange

The country advises against non-essential trips to the Belgian capital. Lhe Dutch Foreign Ministry advises against unnecessary travel to Brussels due to the increase in contamination with the new coronavirus. From midnight Saturday, the Belgian capital will be placed in code orange, as is already the case for the province of Antwerp. Code Orange means […]