BTS get their first triple platinum thanks to “Dynamite”

K-pop stars hit a new milestone with this song | Big Hit Entertainment The South Korean group BTS continues to accumulate impressive records with their foray into the Anglo-Saxon language, making their single “Dynamite” their first song to achieve triple platinum certification in the United States through the “Recording Industry Association of America” ( RIAA). […]

Adele leads: These are the 10 most listened to songs on Spotify worldwide

The list of the 50 most listened songs of Spotify globally, as the latest success of Adele, “Easy on me“, it is still in the first place. Although it is followed very closely by”Stay” and “Industry Baby“, from Justin Bieber and Lil Nas X respectively. The list of the most popular hits in the world […]

BTS announces GLOBAL auditions to be part of their agency HYBE

BTS announced that his agency, HYBE along with the seal Big Hit Music, opened the call for the global additions who are looking for new talents to be part of their next k-pop group, which is set to be a hit such as Bangtan and TXT, who are the only two groups in the agency. […]

Real news! BTS supports paying by half. for one-way ticket

BTS supports half of each person, Phase 3, can be used to buy BTS travel tickets continuously. The type of ticket to be paid is a one-way ticket. which passengers can contact to apply for the right at the ticket office at every station Conditions for using tickets and traveling in the train system are […]