Vithas donates the budget of its Christmas dinner to charity

Due to the health crisis, all events and social gatherings have been cancelled, so Vithas Almería has proposed donating the budget which was available for the celebration of the Christmas dinner and party for two associations in the province. The first of them is Casa Nazaret, a charity and religious that welcomes people who are […]

Jungkir Balik Cari Duit Buat Ibu Kota Baru hingga Lirik Dana PEN

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — After busy wrestling with the pandemic covid-19, noisy development issues imadam new city the old prostrate is now heard again. Less than a month into 2022, the government together with the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia hastened the State Capital Law (IKN) which was passed this week. Negotiations […]

Sri Mulyani’s Answer Criticized on National Debt: It’s Good

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Finance (Minister of Finance) Sri Mulyani Indrawati admitted that she was happy that many parties were highlighting the management of state finances, including: debt. He said the spotlight and criticism proved that the public had a sense of ownership and concern for the state’s financial condition. “Now everyone is […]

Paul Magnette for the fight against tax fraud rather than looking for savings

Posted on Sunday, October 10, 2021 at 1:50 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga PS President Paul Magnette on Sunday called for an intensification of the fight against tax fraud rather than the search for savings at all costs in the 2022 budget, the subject of negotiations between the main ministers of the federal government. “If […]

In the Vatican, resumption of the trial of a cardinal accused of embezzlement

The trial for various financial crimes of Cardinal Becciu and his co-defendants, which began in late July, resumed on Tuesday at the Vatican, where for the first time such a high-ranking religious man is on trial. At the center of this outrageous trial before the court of the world’s smallest state is Angelo Becciu, who […]

FC Barcelona budgets a profit of 5 million for this season | Companies

FC Barcelona hopes to end its financial drain this year and close the season positively. Specifically, with a net profit of five million euros, according to the budget that has been made public today and that it will present at the shareholders’ meeting that will be held on October 17, and in which the result […]