how to use equalizer and improve music quality

Spotify has become one of the most popular and well-known digital music, video and podcast streaming services in recent years. An equalizer gives us the ability to adjust treble and bass when listening to our favorite music, either manually, frequency by frequency, or by choosing some of the already predefined profiles, as with Spotify. But […] | City News Agency

The Justice of first instance enabled the judicial fair and gave rise to a requested precautionary measure in pursuit of the performance of an assisted fertilization treatment. The head of the Fair Court No. 3 of the Contentious Administrative, Tax and Consumer Relations jurisdiction of the City, Elena Liberatori, ordered the ObSBA that “immediately proceed […]

Facebook watches your mind and reads for you, how does it plan to do it?

Artificial intelligence and its ecosystem of technologies are here to stay and provide more and more services, like these new ones from Facebook Facebook has hinted at some of his plans for the future, at a time when seeing the trends of the following years is a mark of the times. It was something leaked […]

Carlos Verza, the first Argentine casualty – AUTOMUNDO

He Dakar 2021 has not started yet and has already added a new abandonment due to complications to travel to Saudi Arabia, scene of the most difficult race in the world from January 3 to 15. It is about the Chaco Carlos Verza, who could not fly when the flight that was going to take […]

«Pura Sangre» continues to set the trend

«Pura Sangre» continues to be a leading brand in Lujan. Lately, it has incorporated bermuda shorts, printed T-shirts, pants of various colors, shirts and much more. «Pura Sangre» also sets a trend with the beginning of the season in short-sleeved shirts, shorts, sweaters, basic T-shirts, also thinking about the gift for these holidays. In addition, […]

its creator will give a free online talk

“We held 25 monthly meetings, without interruption, since November 2018”, stated the organizers of the virtual event that will be today After passing through Labitconf 20202, the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin will make its second virtual appearance this month in Argentina, as part of the meetup EthereumBA. “We have held 25 monthly meetings, without […]

7 NETFLIX SERIES if you want to be a lawyer or you like the law

Netflix has become a great company and ally for all those people who enjoy watching series or watching movies Netflix has become part of the daily lives of people around the world in recent years, something that has been enhanced by the coronavirus pandemic and the isolation dictated in consequence. The series about lawyers, in […]

Elon Musk criticized PowerPoint and urged peers to work harder

Elon Musk surprised with a series of tips to improve the quality of business meetings. Plus, he charged hard against US CEOs. What did he say? The global pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19 generated that thousands of companies around the planet will modify their routines of work. The home office was imposed as one of the […]