Intense Health program to prevent breast cancer – Ecos Diarios Necochea

Under the name “Neco rosa”, the municipality’s Health Secretariat will launch an intense mammography campaign at the end of this month, which will extend throughout much of October and will include an intense day of gynecological care scheduled for the 19th. of said month. The program aims to prevent breast cancer, which today is the […]

Paramérica provides storage and logistics services to third parties

Faithful to its business culture, in this case the approach to provision is also comprehensive. This is how he explains it Carlos Ruiz, president of Paramérica and Director of Grupo Ruiz: “we take on this challenge thinking that it is not simply a rental business where we only rent square meters of storage. We have […]

The Traumatic Spanish Film: Tobi, the Boy with Wings

In 1978, “Tobi, the boy with wings” came to theaters, a Spanish film that became a classic and that also generated trauma in several children who saw it in the cinema and then on television. The protagonist was Lolo García, who had already become famous for the film “Daddy’s War.” The director was Antonio Mercero, […]

how to access the $4,000,000 credits

These loans can be settled in 24 installments with a bank rate reduced by half, fully supported by the State Within the package of economic measures announced by the Argentine Government, the exemption from the tax component for six months for categories A, B, C and D of the monotribute, in addition to the authorization […]

The disease of “isms”

Looking for a common factor Following a minimalist and pragmatic criterion, the experts agreed to start from the other end: searching for, or inventing, an element, a factor, an ingredient, that could be common to the set of therapeutics aimed at curing, or at least counteracting, the spread of any of the different nosographic entities. […]

Credit of up to $400,000 for blank workers: 10 keys

The quota limits, enabled contracting modalities and requirements that blank workers must take into account for the ANSeS credit By Dolores Olveira 15/09/2023 – 09.29hs The ANSeS published the definitive keys to the ANSeS Credit for workers in a dependency relationship, and put a limit on the loan through the relationship that quota and salary […]

Shows in Tucumán: guide to going out

A new edition of Sin Ton Ni Son, the arts cycle that fuses microtheater and other expressions of the show with actors, actresses, dancers and musicians, among others, will take place tonight from 9:30 p.m. at La Cúpula Cultural (Maipú 396). Today “Argentine Postcards” will be presented, with San Miguel Folklore in a number with […]