A Bugatti owner betrayed how much it hurt to maintain his car

Wherever we live on the planet, if we buy a Bugatti, the factories won’t let us down. They will arrange for servicing our car, and in the end their pencils will be thick. We know all this from the fact that a Bugatti owner in Singapore collected the numbers and took notes in his square […]

Index – Economy – Croatian majority ownership of Bugatti

Bugatti leaves the Volkswagen group after more than two decades. Porsche, which is part of the group’s interest, has signed an agreement with Rimac, a Croatian company specializing in electric vehicles, MTI announced. The joint venture will be called Bugatti-Rimac, where the Croatian company will have a 55 percent stake and Porsche a 45 percent […]

Will a 1,500-horsepower Bugatti beat the F1 car?

Ode could be sung about how advanced and precise Formula 1 has become on the technical front. This is further evidenced by the acceleration race, in which Red Bull’s 2011 car, with Sebastian Vettel, won his second World Championship title out of four, in a ¼-mile run. Behind the wheel of the RB7, former Red […]

With 440 you can go on the road with the new Bugatti

But there is also a hierarchy among the Bugattik: at the top is the all-time Super Sport model, which has followed the same recipe since the 90-year-old Type 55 Super Sport this year: plus performance, increased speed, even more demanding workmanship. Then there was EB 110 Super Sport (1993), Veyron 16.4 Super Sport (2010), and […]

Unique hypercar Bugatti La Voiture Noire is completely ready – Autoreview

It took Bugatti over two years to complete this special project. The first mock-up was shown at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, but only now is the hypercar fully ready to be handed over to the customer. Whose wishes were not the easiest. The new Bugatti La Voiture Noire is a tribute to the classic […]

The last Bugatti Veyron Super Sport produced is for sale, with only 48

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is one of the rarest and at the same time the fastest modern models of the carmaker. Meeting a Bugatti car on the road is quite a rarity, but meeting the Veyron Super Sport is a small miracle. The carmaker limited production to only 48 pieces, which it sent to […]

Ettore Bugatti’s gold watch sold for 272,800 euros

LUXE Two hundred and seventy-two thousand eight hundred euros. This is the price at which Ettore Bugatti, founder of the legendary automobile brand, was auctioned on Saturday at an auction at the Château de Lasserre near Toulouse. Posted on 04/17/2021 at 4:18 p.m. AFP Shaped like a horseshoe, like the famous grille of Bugatti luxury […]