A number of people were arrested near the government building. justification: mass riots

The Investigative Committee has released a message regarding the clash between the participants of the rally and the policemen near the government building. “2023 On September 20, during a mass meeting held in front of the Government House 1 in Yerevan’s Republic Square, after public calls to riot among the participants of the meeting, around […]

Building a free economy is very important for our society

Economist expert Qashgay Ismayil Any political system is primarily an indicator of economic relations. It is a completely natural process that political freedoms disappear in a society where there is no economic freedom, where entrepreneurship is stifled, where there is no free business environment and economic competition. The society cultivated by the current economic model […]

Fire in 9-storey apartment building in Vietnam: 30 dead

A fire broke out in an apartment of a 9-storey apartment building where approximately 150 people reside in Hanoi, the capital of the South Asian country Vietnam. The flames soon surrounded the entire building. 15 fire trucks, ambulances and police teams were dispatched to the region. While the fire brigade could not intervene closely in […]

“Mūku Salas” office building “Zeiss Biroji” put into operation

After more than two years of the construction process, the class A office building “Zeiss Biroji” has been put into operation, informs the project developer “Mūkusalas Biznesa Centrs”. The new building is located at Dēļu Street 2, and the source of its architectural inspiration was the former “Carl Zeiss” optics factory, which was once located […]

Blood donation at the Jerez 2002 Building

The Transfusion, Tissue and Cell Center of Cádiz will enable a collection point this week. blood donation in it Jerez Building 2002, which will open on the afternoons of Tuesday, September 12 and Wednesday, September 13, 2023 in the evening hours. Specifically, this mobile point will be available each afternoon from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 […]

Capacity Building Workshops for Women Candidates in Leadership and Political Engagement

Capacity Building Workshops for Women Candidates in Leadership and Political Engagement August 23, 2023 Port-Gentil, August 18, 2023 the NGO Malachie, in partnership with the United Nations Office for Central Africa, organized a two-day workshop on the theme of Leadership and Women’s Participation in Political Life. This important event was held in Port-Gentil on August […]

Revitalizing the Casa de la Juventud: Young Artists Transform the Walls

Several young artists from Córdoba have been in charge of renovating the walls of the Casa de la Juventud, a building that has been in the process of being remodeled since the end of 2022. Rooms such as the Youth Information Center, the refectory and the reception have already been renovated and currently, the artist […]