The economy recovers in the summer: Bundesbank expects very strong growth

Because of the measures to contain the corona pandemic, the German economy collapses massively in the first half of the year. The Bundesbank now sees the bottom of the valley and predicts “very strong” economic growth. Nevertheless, the outlook remains bleak. According to the Bundesbank, the economy is currently picking up strongly and is thus […]

Wirecard: Politicians and officials blame each other

Whe hastily conceded his own weaknesses, quickly lost in the political game of Black Peter. Felix Hufeld, President of the BaFin Financial Supervisory Authority, now knows that too. The violent criticism of his authority in connection with the Wirecard scandal surprised him very unpleasantly, he is said to have said in a hearing before the […]

How Bafin boss Felix Hufeld justifies himself

Berlin, Frankfurt Felix Hufeld was more important for the finance politicians this Wednesday afternoon than the Chancellor. The hearing of the Bafin chief in the finance committee should actually end by 1 p.m. at the latest, since then Angela Merkel (CDU) commented on the German EU Council Presidency in plenary. However, from the point of […]

Euro exchange rate temporarily falls below $ 1.09

Euros and dollars Much of the world’s transactions are processed in the two currencies. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The euro exchange rate fell noticeably on Friday. In the late afternoon, the common currency cost around $ 1.09, a good half a cent less than in early trading. At times, the euro had even dropped below the […]

Schäuble probably implements the implementation of the Karlsruhe ECB judgment

Wolfgang Schäuble The President of the Bundestag wants to implement the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court. (Photo: dpa) Berlin Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble has made the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court on the bond purchases of the European Central Bank (ECB) a top priority, according to the “Süddeutscher Zeitung”. The CDU politician had […]

Euro exchange rate rises to $ 1.10

Euros and dollars Much of the world’s transactions are processed in the two currencies. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The euro exchange rate continued to rise on Wednesday. At its peak, the common currency rose to exactly $ 1.10. That is the highest level in about three weeks. The European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference price […]

Euro claims profits

Euros and dollars Much of the world’s transactions are processed in the two currencies. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The euro largely defended its recent gains on Wednesday. The European single currency was trading at $ 1.0947 in the morning. The course had lost a good portion of its previous gains the previous evening, but had then […]

Zero interest rates and the fear of inflation fuel the rally

Frankfurt Hedge fund manager John Paulson has become well known and wealthy with his bets on American junk bonds in the 2009 financial crisis. But even then, the star investor came out as a big believer in gold, according to the book “The Greatest Trade Ever”. Paulson is convinced that due to rising government debt […]

Karlsruhe weakens the German position in Europe

Since the creation of the euro, Germany has placed great emphasis on a number of monetary policy principles: the independence of the central bank from politics, price stability as its primary mandate, reluctance to buy government bonds and the distribution of these purchases among the individual euro countries according to their respective populations and economic […]

Holidays in Germany: Tips for city trips in the west

Kleve: Where Lohengrin shed a tear Richard Wagner moved the plot of his “Lohengrin” to Antwerp. Of course, this is total nonsense, because the river over which the swan pulled the hero in the night and later back was the Kermisdahl. It flows rather sluggishly at the foot of the Schwanenburg, and that is the […]