Economy, trade & finance: dpa-AFX overview: KONJUNKTUR from 25.01.2021

WASHINGTON – The impeachment process in Congress against former US President Donald Trump is picking up speed. After the House of Representatives’ indictment to the Senate is scheduled for Monday evening, the presiding judge of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, will be sworn in as head of the proceedings this Tuesday. Roberts, in turn, must […]

Bafin continues to advise banks not to pay dividends

A corresponding ban on dividends was recently relaxed after long discussions. The European central bank A corresponding ban on dividends was recently relaxed after long discussions. The European Central Bank (ECB), which directly supervises the largest banks and banking groups in the euro zone, had already asked the institutions in December not to distribute dividends […]

The 100 largest corporations in the world: USA benefits from Corona

Gold mine in times of crisis Digitized internet and retail companies in particular benefited from the corona pandemic. (Foto: Getty Images [M]) The corona pandemic has continued to affect the balance of power in the global economy postponed to the disadvantage of the Federal Republic – and the USA and China provide further impetus. For the […]

Take advantage of low interest rates – this is how much money you can save

What annoys savers, makes borrowers happy: The low interest rates make loans cheap. Those who already have a loan can also save – by rescheduling. We show how worthwhile it is. If you still have to pay off a loan, you should now take a look at the conditions. Because there may now be significantly […]

Central banks secure the provision of cheap dollar loans

European Central Bank The ECB wants to secure the supply of companies and banks with dollars with five more central banks. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt In view of the global corona crisis, the European Central Bank (ECB) and other large central banks want to ensure the supply of cheap dollar loans in a coordinated action. The […]

The economy recovers in the summer: Bundesbank expects very strong growth

Because of the measures to contain the corona pandemic, the German economy collapses massively in the first half of the year. The Bundesbank now sees the bottom of the valley and predicts “very strong” economic growth. Nevertheless, the outlook remains bleak. According to the Bundesbank, the economy is currently picking up strongly and is thus […]