Ibersol rejects RBI menu and says no to the sale of Burger King restaurants

Ibersol announced that they closed exclusive negotiations without an agreement for the sale to Restaurant Brands Iberia (RBI), Burger King’s “masterfranchiser” in Portugal and Spain, of the 119 restaurants of the brand that the Portuguese company has in the national territory, through contracts of franchise. “After analyzing together with its financial and legal advisors the […]

Fries are not served in Japan

There is a shortage of potatoes in Japan, so crispy ramen noodles are served instead of the fries in Burger Kings there. A completely different garnish has been introduced at the popular fast food restaurant, so now in Japan, instead of the classic hamburger-french fries combo, they offer crispy ramen noodles for sandwiches. However, customers […]

Burger King Has Trouble Closing 800 Outlets in Russia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Burger King is still trying to stop operations in Russiabut a local business partner who holds control of 800 restaurants refuses to close. “We have already started the process of divesting our stake in this business. While we want to do this immediately, it is clear that the process will take […]

Western brands are being withdrawn from Russia. But some are stuck in the country

Complex legal complications According to the BBC, these brands are bound by legal franchise agreements, which makes it difficult for them to remove their names from Russia’s main streets and shopping malls. If there is no no-fly zone, supply weapons, Zelenskyj urged. Congress applauded him Many Western companies have had such contracts for decades. For […]

List of Russian Food and Beverage Companies

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — At least nine company food and drink away from Russia as a result of the sanctions imposed by the US and Western countries against the military invasion of Ukraine. The list of companies leaving is expected to grow longer as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has not subsided. Reported from […]

Burger King raises the bar to buy the brand’s restaurants from Ibersol – Empresas

Restaurant Brands Iberia, Burger King’s “masterfranchiser” in Portugal and Spain, has increased the value of the offer to Ibersol, to 250 million euros, for the purchase of the 119 restaurants of the brand that the Portuguese company owns in Portugal (through franchise agreements). The amount previously offered, on February 16, was 230 million euros. In […]

Ibersol’s capital increase runs from October 28th to November 12th – Stock Exchange

The operation to increase Ibersol’s capital will take place from October 28th to November 12th, indicates the company that holds catering brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell and Burger King, nthe prospectus released this afternoon with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM). Ibersol announced this week the approval of an increase capital through […]