How many minutes of exercise we need to do to burn fat? This says the science

When someone wants to lose weight, usually tries to collect all the information possible so that the drop in kilos is very effective: drinking a lot of water, combine strength exercises with cardio to gain muscle mass or do small meals are some of the examples that usually come up. All for getting to the […]

Exercise microdose: four seconds is enough to start burning fat? | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here Whether Izumi Tabata was in a hurry to get in shape, or did his work leave him with little free time, is a mystery. But something important would haunt his mind when he decided to study the exercise high intensity, and […]

“Burning Your Wings”, the flight of a city bird

In the HLM city where they grew up, in Motherwell near Glasgow (Scotland), they are nicknamed “Scheme birds”. The expression, which gives its original title to this documentary (much more poetic and eloquent than the French formulation “To burn your wings”), could be translated as “city birds” or “neighborhood lads”. With no diplomas, no jobs, […]

Climate change will fuel fires in the Amazon jungle | Science

In 30 years, the burned area of ​​the Amazon jungle will have doubled. A study based on the evolution of fires so far this century shows that the result of the interaction of deforestation and climate change will be an even greater number of fires that are even more devastating. As a consequence, a good […]

A light dinner and a full breakfast prevent obesity

R.I. Madrid Updated:02/19/2020 17: 07h save Related news Having a good breakfast, and making a light dinner, is a simple way to keep weight under control and prevent obesity and the risk of diabetes. It is ensured by a small study published in “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism of the Endocrine Society”. The body […]

Blood-freezing event! Found with burns and cuts on his body

According to information obtained, Gemlik Eşref Dinçer Mahallesi was found dead at the house of 9-year-old Muhammed Hüseyin on the Street No. 127. In the first examination, it was determined that the boy, who was allegedly strangled by his 11-year-old sister, had burns and cut marks on his body. PHOTO: UAV The mother and father […]

Provide better cancer care to New Zealanders

World Cancer Day tomorrow is a perfect time to take stock of our progress so far in providing better cancer prevention and care for New Zealanders, says Health Minister Dr. David Clark. “Cancer will probably affect us all at some time, either directly or through family and friends,” said David Clark. “New Zealanders deserve first-class […]