what changes for transport in Turin

On Friday 2 December 2022, a 24-hour general strike is scheduled for all public and private categories – on various economic and social issues – to which the USB Territorial Organization adheres. Gtt announces that the completion of the departing journeys will be ensured within the guaranteed service slots and that the local public transport […]

The towns of Zamora in which the bus stop will be eliminated

Ávila and Burgos are the provinces with the most municipalities affected by the Elimination of stops on the new route map of bus of the Ministry of Transport. In total, they will be affected in Castile and Leon 346 municipalities, with a population of 213,436 inhabitants and 92,078 travelers. In Zamora they will lose the […]

The blood donation drive bus arrives in Sama

This is a particularly delicate moment since Asturian hospitals need blood due to various factors, including the increase in activity in operating rooms, which has caused a sharp drop in reserves and has led to the alarm being raised. “200 daily donations are needed,” Ana María Ojea, technical director of the Asturias Community Blood and […]

Near Lyon: he forces the bus to stop with a construction barrier

On Sunday March 27, the police arrested a man who had placed a construction barrier in front of a bus, forcing him to stop in Villeurbanne. The police were called to Villeurbanne this Sunday, March 27 for domestic violence. When they arrived, they faced a 38-year-old man who had just placed a construction barrier in […]

Autoguidovie strike in Milan confirmed: timetables

On Friday 11 November, not only USB Atm workers will stop, the stop will also affect Autoguidovie personnel. The buses are at risk for 4 hours because the trade union organization Usb private work Lombardia also joined the national strike. The event will involve all the Autoguidovie lines and services in the Milan, Pavia, Cremona […]

These buses are run on unusual fuel

Until now, the use of biofuels in long-distance buses has not really been typical in Europe. FlixBus wants to change this for the sake of environmental protection, which is why it recently introduced buses powered by Oleo 100 between Brest and Grenoble in France. One trip per day on this route means 830,000 kilometers traveled […]

metropolises speed up the timetable, automatic sanctions in 2024

Gradually, the oldest vehicles identified by their Crit’Air sticker are driven out of town centres. As the protest grows, all cities will have to align themselves with the national calendar excluding the Crit’Air 3 by the end of 2024 at the latest. Soon, crossing a large French city or parking there with an old vehicle […]

The largest bus depot in the world was handed over

The venue of this year’s FIFA World Cup, Qatar, has already achieved a special Guinness World Record. The largest bus garage built for electric buses in the world was handed over in the emirate. A total of 478 buses can be accommodated in the 400,000 square meter bus garage located in the city of Loszail. […]