Car audio system – how to improve it?

Photo You always want to have maximum comfort in the car. Not only the softness of the chassis or the good feeling of the car behind the wheel, but also the comfort elements of the interior really contribute to the comfort. One of them is the quality of the audio or sound system in the […]

What is the difference between X-Trail and Note e-POWER | Test Drive | Toyo Keizai Online

Participated in the test drive event of the new “X-Trail” on the “Note” (photographed by the author) Second generation “e-POWER”, “VC (variable compression ratio) turbo”, and “e-4ORCE”. The new 4th generation “X-Trail” is the world’s first Nissan to bring these three new technologies together in one model. Moreover, this specification will be released in Japan […]

Ford unveils new F-150 Raptor R pickup with 700 horsepower

DETROIT — As Ford Motor ramps up production of its electric F-150 pickup, it’s not giving up on offering new, highly profitable performance models with gasoline engines. The Detroit automaker Monday morning unveiled the F-150 Raptor R, a new version of its high-performance, off-road pickup with a supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine that produces 700 horsepower […]

How the emoji has changed business communication ;-)

In France, 75% of working people now use emojis on a daily basis. Generalized remote work has greatly amplified the phenomenon. The universe of emojis – it is legitimate to use this term as they are multiple and reveal societal trends – has never been so important in the professional world. A study commissioned by […]

Expert “Portrait” with the latest technologies and advanced artificial intelligence

OPPO Reno7: the “portrait expert” with the latest technologies and advanced artificial intelligence OPPO’s Reno series of smartphones has unique features in the field of photography, especially at the level of portrait photos. The series uses a new generation of smart “portrait” using advanced technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms. With the recent launch of the […]

Memorial Day weekend car shopping is ‘looking pretty bleak’

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images One of the best car-shopping weekends prepandemic is more of a dud these days. Amid the auto industry’s manufacturing challenges due to persisting supply-chain issues, Memorial Day sales are generally minimal to nonexistent this year. “It’s looking pretty bleak, to be straightforward about it,” said Ivan Drury, senior manager […]