Cali and Bogotá, the cities with the most health tourism | Finance | Economy

In various countries of the world, people They must pay in a private way for health services. And as a consequence, with prices that must be assumed 100% by the user, millions of people cannot access them. (Read: Cotelco expects to close the year with 6 of 10 occupied rooms). In this way, foreigners have […]

Srumf and Odendahl in Mannheim

June 30, 2022 at 6:06 p.m athletics : Srumf and Odendahl in Mannheim 400-meter runner Tessa Srumf has been an integral part of the German national relay over four times 400 meters for four years. Photo: Krefeld At the weekend the DLV junior gala will take place in Baden Württemberg. Krefeld athletes are there. […]

‘Sucursal Fest’: Cali looks at other trends – Music and Books – Culture

The friendly and charismatic Lesley Wolf, 41, with her political and social discourse, has been paying the bills of Juan Tarquino, the creator of this fascinating drag character, for several years. Bogotan, Bachelor of Performing Arts from the National Pedagogical University, Tarquino is also an actor, writer, theater director and teacher. He recently played in […]

Tessa Srumf from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen is only a few tenths short

Krefeld Soccer players, handball players and others are slowly saying goodbye to the summer break, track and field athletes are moving into the limelight and are preparing for the highlights of the season. So does Tessa Srumf from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen. (WP) Two months before the U20 World Championships in Cali/Colombia, the first round […]

Cali: Collapsed facade of the traditional church of San Francisco

in the last hours a part of the facade of the church of San Francisco in Cali collapsed, located in the square that bears the same name and that is in front of the Government of Valle del Cauca. The risk management and security authorities attended the site, indicating that the brick wall fell on […]

These are the main risks for the vote in Cali

In accordance with our Constitution, voting is a citizen’s right and duty. And this is free when its exercise is not subject to any pressure, intimidation or coercion. The State must ensure that this takes place secretly, in individual cubicles installed in each voting table, without prejudice to the use of electronic or computerized means. […]