SpaceX has launched a satellite to study the ocean

Photo: Screenshot Falcon 9 launch vehicle After 53 minutes of flight, the Sentinel-6A Michael Freilich spacecraft entered a polar orbit with an altitude of 1.3 thousand kilometers. The American company SpaceX, using a Falcon 9 launch vehicle, successfully launched the scientific oceanographic satellite Sentinel-6A Michael Freilich into regular orbit. The company announced this on Saturday […]

Criminal case hate The most extreme in more than 10 years

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the FBI, released the highest number of hate crimes in the past 10 years, or in 2008 that had the most recorded 7,783 times, the latter finding 7,314 occurrences compared to the previous year. The page found 7,120 cases and more than doubled the 51 deaths.Only in August of […]

Sentenced to 500 years in prison, he is finally released after 30 years

A man sentenced to 500 years in prison in 1991 was finally released on Thursday. Juan Carlos Seresi will still have spent nearly 30 years behind bars in a California prison. The now 73-year-old was convicted of laundering money from a cocaine cartel in the early 1990s. While his possible release was for July 8, […]

What are we supposed to call Kamala Harris’s husband?

The 2020 presidential election they have resulted in a series of first experiences for everyone. From about atypical choices in their development and logistics due to the Covid-19 pandemic, up to Donald Trump’s refusal to accept his defeat and validate the results. After a chaotic week full of uncertainty, Joe Biden became the 46th President […]

CIUSSS attacked cuts the internet

In the midst of a pandemic, one of the most important CIUSSS in Quebec is cut off from internet access for at least three days, shaken by a wave of cyber attacks targeting several hospitals in North America. The CIUSSS du Center-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal realized Wednesday evening that it had been targeted by pirates. The management immediately […]

60,000 evacuated from forest fire in southern California

The fire covered 16 square miles shortly after it started in Orange County just after sunrise Monday morning. Strong gusts of wind have led the flames towards Irvine where 280,000 people live. 60,000 have been evacuated. Wind speeds of up to 15 meters per second have been measured in the lowlands and 30 meters per […]

Wayne Gretzky sells his lavish California home

Legendary Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky is looking to sell his fabulous property in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Built by a Quebecer, for a whopping $ 22.9 million. As the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, the Gretzkys had already sold this home in 2007 at a cost of $ 18.5 million to former New York […]

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom got their own house in California

Photo: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom bought a posh house The artists’ estate is adjacent to the house of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. And it costs $ 14.2 million. Singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom, who recently became parents, bought a house with a posh territory in Montecito, California. The mansion costs […]

United States. In California, Uber pays for a referendum

Spots on social networks, leaflets in mailboxes, unwanted texts … Few Californians escape the hype of the campaign for the “yes” to proposal 22, submitted to referendum on November 3, at the same time as the US presidential election. Funded by the behemoths of the “sharing economy”, including Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash, Proposition 22 […]