Gabi Tóth and Babett Köllő fell head over heels for each other

Dramatic twists await us in the next broadcast of the talent show. They change I will be a star in a star! rules this weekend on TV2, the channel announced in a recent video, according to the accompanying text of which – in addition to the impressive talents, of course – more twists and dramatic […]

Index – Culture – You just can’t stop this new western series

One of the big benefits of SkyShowtime’s launch in Hungary this year was that a Yellowstone-universe is finally available for streaming. Moreover, not only the modern-day, sometimes soap opera-like adventures of the wealthy Dutton family arrived in our living room, but the Yellowstone its two spin-offs, that is 1923 and that 1883 too. Of the […]

Index – Culture – Every parent’s nightmare is this new horror series

A fairy tale, just for adults? A modern urban fantasy so sick and disturbing that even Stephen King would envy it? This is roughly how to describe the new feature of Apple TV+ published on September 8, a Cradle robbersat (The Changeling), which immediately sent me to the floor with its first episode so that […]

The new season of Our Little Village is coming this Saturday

Now RTL pulled a big one, and they put the first part of the latest season of the popular series on September 16. RTL’s highly successful series is entering its 8th season. On September 16, from 7 p.m., viewers can once again follow the fun and twists and turns of the old and new residents […]

TV2 deploys heavy artillery against RTL

TV2 is not only sending Sztárban stár leszek! against The Voice with one broadcast. On Sunday, September 3, TV2 started a I will be a star in a star! fourth season (our review here). The production is usually shown on Sundays, but this weekend it will also be shown on the channel on Saturdays, so […]