Election in Brazil: Neymar campaigns for far-right President Bolsonaro

Soccer Before election in Brazil Neymar bangs the drum for the far-right president Stand: 01.10.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Neymar is siding with the incumbent in Brazil’s presidential election campaign What: REUTERS A new head of state will be elected in Brazil on Sunday. In the polls, far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is well behind […]

Dinah Boluarte | Yuri Castro | Vladimir Cerron | Peter Castle | Vice President and candidate of Peru Libre to Lima managed contributions that would be from Los Dinámicos del Centro | RESEARCH

Boluarte made this revelation – unknown until today – in his statement as an investigator to the Money Laundering prosecutor, Richard Rojas Gómez, on January 31 of this year. In that demonstration, the minister said that, while she was Secretary of Economy of the regional executive committee of the party in Lima, she opened the […]

All crisis? This is how the budget is adjusted correctly

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Peter Castle | Salatiel Marrufo | Abel Cabrera | Alexander Sanchez | Members of the president’s ‘political bureau’ financed his 2021 campaign | chiclayanos | RESEARCH

Peru Libre informed the ONPE that for the 2021 presidential campaign it received contributions that exceeded one million 800 thousand soles, a statement that has been questioned by the electoral body when it detected irregularities in the support of financing. The technical report was revealed by Peru21. But from the list of 347 contributors that […]

Taxes: the world campaign in favor of taxing meat and milk – Sectors – Economy

Through a campaign they seek to apply excise taxes on meat and dairy in the top 50 consuming countries and, with that money, promote projects that benefit growers of healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, and that help ranchers develop sustainable environmental projects that combat the emissions of these gases. “Meat and dairy production […]

Master of amputations. Even enemies envied Napoleon’s doctors, inspired MASH

Where did the corpses go? Scientists solve the mystery of the Battle of Waterloo, they have a terrifying theory Larrey saved the lives of thousands of soldiers with his innovative approach. Thanks to his revolutionary ideas, the number of those who were able to survive even serious injuries in battle increased rapidly. Larrey realized that […]

Midagri: urea will reach the field in time for crop fertilization | News

The acquisition of nitrogenous fertilizers (urea) will arrive on time for the fertilization of crops within the periods established by the calendar of the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign, the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Andrés Alencastre, said today. “This is not a third call, but a first one under a new modality, more transparent, a […]