2023 flu vaccine: complete information

The joint vaccination campaign against flu and covid in 2023 starts in Castilla y León in October. Next Tuesday, the 3rd, vaccination will begin in Castilla y León with institutionalized people and a week later, on October 10, it will do so with the general population in the groups in which it is recommended. Regarding […]

The new Covid and flu vaccination campaign will begin on October 16 in Andalusia

There is already an approximate date for the start of the vaccination campaign against Covid and flu In Andalucia. The Minister of Health, Catalina García, announced this Monday that the estimate of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) is to begin inoculating this new dose around October 16although the exact date is yet to be specified […]

Zarautz: Joint flu and covid vaccination campaign since the end of September

Saturday, September 16, 2023, 10:10 p.m. Comment Copy link WhatsApp Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Telegram The Public Health Commission has announced that the joint vaccination campaign against flu and covid-19 will begin the last week of September and will be aimed at certain groups such as those over 60 years of age, people at risk, pregnant […]

Title: “Putin’s Dedication to Russian Military Operation in Ukraine Revealed”

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, described the Russian military operation in Ukraine as his top priority, to which he dedicates himself from the time he gets up until he goes to bed, in an interview with his press service broadcast on Russian television this Sunday. The message does not mention the rebellion of the […]

Christie appears in the campaign as the anti-Trump

The squad of candidates for the presidential candidacy of the Republican Party is getting bigger every day. With the entry of Chris Christie, yesterday, and Mike Pence today, there are already eleven who are fighting for the title to face Joe Biden in next year’s elections and there may still be a twelfth this week […]