Ehpad directors can always limit visits, to the chagrin of families

“While the population has the impression that the health crisis is behind it, everything has not returned to normal in nursing homes. » Friday March 10, Patrick Couratin, president of the association Aging together as citizens (Avec), discovered with surprise the updated protocol of the Ministry of Health on the management of Covid-19 in nursing […]

Can you fertilize with nitrogen to boost yield?

A grower from northern Santa Fe asked Gustavo Ferraris about the possibility of adding the fertilizer at this time. Alberto asks: Gustavo, we are in the north of Santa Fé and we have group 8 soybeans that are 30 cm tall, on wheat stubble, and with a lack of plants due to successive mortality during […]

How can we communicate better with each other digitally?

The new issue of the t3n magazine revolves around digital communication in the working world. In the podcast we discuss what we mean when we put noise-cancelling culture on the cover. Our digital communication at work is often one thing above all: a lot of noise. Digital noise that pours over us all every day […]

Do you know everything it can do for you?

It happens on numerous occasions: when you take out your home insurance, you read all the coverage in detail. However, and with luck, if there is no accident, this information can be forgotten. That is why today from Caja Rural Granada, they refresh our memory and tell us about some of the most curious cases […]

Talk about what you can, not about limitations

There are extraordinary results that sometimes one hesitates to publish. Women over 40 who have become pregnant by fertilization techniques on their first attempt. Young people with Down syndrome achieve a professional training study. People who improve their serious emotional crisis thanks to a pet. Men and women who recover from drug addiction without relapse. […]

How to start a marijuana crop with little budget?

How to start a marijuana crop with little budget? Home / Reports / How to start a marijuana crop with little budget? It is often believed that in order to grow cannabis plants it is necessary to make a large investment, but the truth is that there are many ways. February 16, 2023

How many nationalities can a person have in the United States?

The United States, unlike other countries, allows dual citizenship. Many people tend to have doubts when it comes time to define the double nationality. Not all countries allow having two citizenships at the same time, as is the case of the Bahamas or China. But in USAimmigrants who arrive in North American territory will not […]