Cold virus could be effective in treating the deadliest brain cancer in children

And modified cold virus Genetically engineered to kill cancer cells has opened up a hopeful avenue for treating the deadliest childhood brain tumor, diffuse intrinsic trunk glioma. Its about tumor cerebral more common in kids and also the deadliest. On average, the survival of these patients barely reaches a year and there is no effective […]

One in 10 cancers is caused by pollution (mostly at work)

One in ten cancers. About 300,000 cancer patients a year. This is the “share” of Europeans whose cancer is due to exposure to pollution. A link that is not a simple estimate, but a certain proof according to the European Environment Agency (Aea), which has undertaken an unprecedented review of all the existing medical literature […]

Facebook: ‘doubtful’ treatment for cancer patients

Facebook is once again in the midst of controversy after a report indicates that cancer patients are being bombarded by advertisements for ‘doubtful’ treatments against the disease. According to MIT Technology Reviewthere is a pattern in Facebook that advertises misleading or false health claims. controversies Evidence from users Facebook and Instagram, medical researchers, and its […]

Four innovations in cancer treatments

Cancer is one of the most widespread diseases on the planet. Luckily, there are more and more advances to treat it. Every year, doctors from all over the world meet in Chicago (United States) to share what’s new in diagnosis and treatment. At this year’s meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the latest […]

Cancer can be prevented (+ Video)

The cancer It is one of the most catastrophic conditions that someone can face. According to official figures, 30% of cancer deaths are caused by tobacco, 90% of people with lung cancer are smokers, 40% of deaths from oncological diseases are related to being overweight and eating, between 50% and 70% of skin tumors are […]

Daily Horoscope June 26, 2022 – Let go of yourself a little

Aries – daily horoscope If you still have tasks today, get them done as soon as possible and try to focus more on rest and relaxation today. Today is a great place to express yourself, to live your creativity and also to spend time in the community. You’ve even had a plan in your head […]