Shaw Kemp: from NBA star to owner of a Seattle cannabis dispensary

Seattle – The line stretched across the block, around the corner, and snaking into the alley at the back of the street. Most of the people wore green and gold. Everyone was there to take a look, maybe an autograph and maybe some take-home product. Even 23 years after he last played for the Seattle […]

throwing money (and cannabis) out of the window, it creates trouble

« Banknotes and drugs were seen stealing on November 12, 2019, during the anti-drug strike carried out by the Douai police officers at the Gayant residence “. This is what we wrote, almost a year ago, to describe the scene. During the operation, at least one protagonist of the trafficking threw money and narcotics from […]

Hamburg: Confusion about CBD hype – lawyer clears up

Everyone is talking about it, although it was banned at the last minute. The CBD burger at “Otto’s Burger” in Hamburg is now not allowed to be sold – while the CBD oil from the company “Vaay” can be widely advertised in the Hanseatic city and ordered online without any problems. How can that be? […]

Cannabis drug helps with Parkinson’s

29. September 2020 20:50 Robert Klatt The psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can, in small amounts, significantly alleviate non-motoric Parkinson’s symptoms (NMS) without severe side effects. Innsbruck (Austria). According to data from the German Society for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders e. V. (DPG) about 400,000 people with Parkinson’s disease, worldwide there are about 6.1 million. After […]

Smoking weed during pregnancy increases the risk of autism

Scientists from the maternity hospital in the Canadian capital Ottawa have evaluated data on cannabis and pregnancy. In doing so, they discovered a potential risk for the babies. As the team led by obstetrician Mark Walker reports in the journal Nature Medicine, the children had a significantly higher risk of developing autism if the mothers […]

A cannabis sale pilot project for Couche-Tard in Alberta

Published on 07/06/2020 at 11:32 (Photo: courtesy) By the week of July 13, two branches of Canadian cannabis-based retailer Fire & Flower will open next to Circle K convenience stores in Alberta. A pilot project which fits into the approach of Alimentation Couche-Tard which wishes to become a “key player” in this sector. The title […]

Drug use study: adolescents prefer to smoke weed to smoke

Young people in Germany are using their cigarette less and less. According to a study, the proportion of young people who smoke is historically low. However, cannabis use and intoxication are widespread. Cannabis use among young people in Germany has continued to increase. In the drug affinity study by the Federal Center for Health Education […]

Cannabis sales grow in Canada, but companies are in crisis

Although the pandemic covid-19 has driven the sales, the sector of cannabis of Canada facing serious difficulties less than two years after legalization of that drug, experts say. For fear of shortage or to manage stress, numerous Canadians went to cannabis stores and sites during the lockdown. The sales increased nearly 20% in March and […]

Morocco: nearly six tonnes of cannabis seized in Western Sahara

Moroccan police said they had seized nearly six tonnes of cannabis resin and weapons in Western Sahara (south) on Saturday during an operation that resulted in the arrest of fourteen people. “The searches and searches carried out in a Saharan area about 30 kilometers from Laayoune (main city of Western Sahara, editor’s note) led to […]