A cocaine and cannabis traffic dismantled in Rochefort and St-Hubert, the defendants went through the Snapchat application

The Dinant Criminal Court sentenced, this Thursday morning, six people prosecuted for their involvement in cannabis and cocaine trafficking in Rochefort and Poix-St-Hubert (St-Hubert), between September 2021 and May 2022, to sentences between one and five years in prison with suspended probation for what exceeds the preventive detention already undergone. Two other people received an […]

Drugs: Road safety experts discuss THC limit – politics

Should the cannabinoid THC be higher in the blood? Traffic experts will deal with this question next week. Photo: Christoph Soeder/dpa A release of cannabis also affects road traffic – so far, you are considered unfit to drive as soon as the drug can be detected. Do experts advocate a different regulation? Goslar – In […]

Illinois Reports Significant Increase in Revenue; Sales in Canada rise to high

(shareribs.com) Springfield/Ottawa 07/26/2022 – The US state of Illinois recorded significantly higher tax revenues from the cannabis business in the past fiscal year. A record high in sales was recorded in Canada in May. As Washington DC grapples with the future of cannabis at the federal level, demand trends in many states show that cannabis…Read […]

Kylie Jenner’s influencer facet is at risk when Travis Scott smokes near her

In different parts of the world the consumption of cannabis has been legalized and this fact was seen as a very good opportunity for big businessmen who seek to exploit the business to the maximum. Likewise, marijuana is linked to the world of rap music, among other genres, and Travis Scott, Like many of their […]

Marijuana users are more likely to need emergency care and hospitalization, study finds | Science and Ecology | D.W.

Emergency department visits and hospitalizations are 22% higher among people who use recreational marijuana compared to those who don’t, according to a new study published Monday (06.27.2022) in the journal BMJ Open Respiratory Research. “Cannabis use is not as benign and safe as some might think,” study author Nicholas Vozoris, associate professor and clinical investigator […]

Marijuana users are more likely to be hospitalized

The results also showed that one in 25 people who use cannabis will go to the emergency room or be admitted to hospital within a year of using it. Visits to the emergency room and hospitalizations are 22% higher among people who use recreational marijuana compared to those who don’taccording to a new study published […]

Congress endorses the medicinal use of cannabis for pain

The congressional subcommittee on medical cannabis approves its use against pain in some diseasesNews telecinco The subcommittee on cannabis medicine of the Congress of Deputies has given green light to a proposal to extend its use to the cancer pain and endometriosis under prescription made “exclusively by health professionals” and dispensed “preferably” in hospital pharmacies. […]

TJ-SP authorizes domestic cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes

Based on the principle of human dignity and the right to life and health, the 3rd Chamber of Criminal Law of the Court of Justice of São Paulo granted a safe-conduct to a man to grow cannabis sativa for the extraction of cannabidiol oil, used in the medical treatment of your child. 123RFAuthorities are prevented […]

the fire would have started from the cannabis culture of the parents…

Published on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 05:55 Par Christophe Lefebvre While the Bizet still mourns the death of Lizzie and Tessa, an investigation is underway against the parents of the two girls. The fire reportedly broke out in the attic where they were growing cannabis with makeshift equipment. In the village of Bizet, last […]