RS is coming back to the Fit this fall! | MAGX NEWS

Sponsoring Information on the minor change of Fit scheduled for autumn has been released in advance. The biggest news is that RS will be added as a new grade. RS is a grade with a strong sports color set in the 2nd and 3rd generations, and MT was also lined up (and the […]

Tesla reduced a car’s battery capacity, then charged millions to restore it

It has been a common practice in the automotive industry for a long time to tune up the vehicle with various extras for extra money, the convergence of this practice in the 21st century. with software solutions of the 20th century, however, in extreme cases, it can create completely absurd situations. In the case of […]

Dangerous buses: these vehicles are at the top of the road death list

Trolleybus, truck, articulated bus – these were the most terrifying vehicles on public roads in 2021 for innocent motorists. According to data from the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), every third trolley caused an accident that was eventually settled by the compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance (kgfb) because the trolley driver made a mistake. It is […]

Index – Economy – The CEO of Volkswagen resigned unexpectedly

The company announced on Friday that Herbert Diess is leaving the helm of Volkswagen, the world’s second-largest carmaker. Volkswagen did not give a reason for the departure of Herbert Diess, who will be replaced by Oliver Blume, head of one of VW Porsche’s car divisions, writes the CNN . Herbert Diess had a busy and […]

Sophisticated and environmentally friendly… Meet the new “Neva” car

Russia revealed the new Neva, which turned it into a modern, advanced and environmentally friendly electric vehicle. The new E-Neva comes with a streamlined SUV body and elegant design, characterized by the overlap of glass and carbon fiber with its basic elements, and it is also equipped with distinctive lamps that work with the latest […]

[KISTI과학향기]Monkey pox with an unfamiliar name, is it okay this summer?

COVID-19 and other zoonotic diseases are prevalent. It is an unfamiliar disease called monkeypox. The disease was first reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Central Africa in the 1970s and settled as an endemic disease in Central and West African countries. After the first confirmed case was reported in the UK in May, […]