Amaytoise launched an appeal for donations, “a great solidarity to help me”

Huy Waremme Huy Waremme News Posted on Monday, January 18, 2021 at 8:12 p.m. By Amelia Dubois We relate last week, Joyce’s horse contracted a rare and contagious virus. The animal from Amaytoise was transferred to a veterinary clinic but the care provided is very expensive. She had launched an appeal for donations by offering […]

“They laugh at the entire Health system”

A 64-year-old doctor, who served in the department of Colón, in Entre Ríos, went viral in recent days after a video that the professional himself recorded was released, giving up on guard duty at the hospital due to the lack of awareness of society regarding the coronavirus pandemic. “I will not continue to take risks […]

Corona outbreak in Blijham nursing home: ‘Possible British variant’

The number of corona infections in the care complex is increasing rapidly. Thirty employees and 33 residents are infected with the virus, almost double the number of yesterday. Ask for additional research In response to the rapidly increasing number of infections, the company doctor of De Blanckenborg contacted the GGD to investigate whether there is […]

Bolivia encourages traditional medicine against COVID – Noticieros Televisa

He Government of Bolivia seeks to encourage the use of traditional medicine as a resource to face COVID-19 with an exhibition of these products this Friday at the house of Government in La Paz. We recommend you: Bolivia to pardon detainees in 2019 protests In his speech, the president of the country, Luis Arce, He […]

Is Ivermectin Really Effective Against COVID-19? | Science and Ecology | DW

The whole world is actively looking for possible therapies for COVID-19. Ivermectin is also listed as a supposed miracle cure for COVID-19, especially in Latin America, because the drug for treating parasitic diseases in animals and humans is cheap and available without a prescription. It is actually used to treat scabies and diseases caused by […]

UMCG is investigating how minorities can be vaccinated more often

HPV is short for the human papilloma virus, which causes cervical cancer and genital warts. Less good access to health care Ethnic, religious or cultural minorities across Europe often have less access to health care, the UMCG said. ‘In our country, for example, the vaccination rate for meningococci among Turkish and Moroccan adolescents is thirty […]

Lawyers Lauer-Nack & Kollegen, 54550 Daun

Information according to § 5 TMG – legal information Lawyers Lauer-Nack, Thielen, Ewertz, Dr. Steudter GbR Ms. Brigitte-Lauer-Nack, attorney at lawMr. Albrecht Thielen, attorney at lawMr. Hans-Josef Ewertz, attorney at lawDr. Jens Steudter Abt-Richard-Str. 13, 54550 Daun Phone: +49 6592 9610-0Telefax: +49 6592 9610-20Email: info@lauer-nack.deInternet: Sales tax identification number: DE191708739  Supervisory Authority – […]

Insights from corona research: older men still shake hands

Lifelines started in 2006 with health examinations in Drenthe, Groningen and Friesland. The goal is to conduct scientific research for thirty years to help people age healthier in the future. In March, the Lifelines researchers started a new large study into the risk factors surrounding the coronavirus. 135,000 people were sent a questionnaire. Researcher Lude […]