10 stars who saved their careers with a single film

Even in the world of film, there is such a thing as once up, once down – and also when someone manages to turn things around with a single film. We show the lucky ones! Yes, we know Sandra Bullock was a huge star even before 2009, but by the time of the turn of […]

92 Career Advancement: Why money alone isn’t everything.

Hello Hello, we already talked about people who are successful in their career path→. Interestingly, around the time of publication, we weren’t talking about how much money they were making, but about what they were doing. This circumstance is the core point of my explanation: Even if we accept remuneration in money (1), it is […]

7 ways to generate passive income – alongside your job

Earn with expertise Your own job expertise can also be useful for additional income. (Foto: Getty Images) Düsseldorf To be financially more independent from your own employer – that is a small dream for many people. In order to earn extra money alongside your job, stock portfolios or ETFs are popular forms of investment. The idea: […]

Frankfurt am Main – Gaming and e-sports are popular.

Game to work: Why gamers score with companies. As reported by the Association of the German Games Industry, 6 out of 10 Germans regularly play computer and video games, with the average age now being 37.9 years. Gamers train skills with which they can score points with companies. To identify these skills and match them […]

Index – FOMO – Dua Lipa: The only baby on my mind is my new album

Dua Lipa, the multi-Grammy award-winning singer, stated in an interview that she does not want to be a mother yet. As she said, she is grateful that today’s women can decide if they want children and, if so, when. He added that there is only one baby for him, his new album. In an interview […]

Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Local Original Marketing – Amazon E-commerce – Permanent contract in Clichy

Amazon is the most customer-centric company in the world and is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, long-term thinking. Online reviews, 1-click ordering, personalized recommendations, Amazon Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon programs, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo and […]

Parents: Over-Praising – How We Raise Our Children to Be Narcissists

“Did you paint a nice picture? That’s amazing. Really great, how did you manage it so well?” My mother was so enthusiastic about my friend’s first drawings when he was still very small. But how deep was the fall when he came to school and his genius was no longer so celebrated! He still remembers […]

Central Marseilles | Central Mediterranean Alumni

By structure and by denomination, Central Marseilles is above all a Central School. As such, it shares in particular with the Écoles Centrales of Lille, Lyon, and Nantes as well as with the École Centrale Paris, the same access methods, the same educational model, shared international relations, and, beyond of everything, an identical conception of […]