Sorrentino: “Naples and Maradona, so I will go home” – Cinema

Sooner or later it had to happen, and now it happens: Paolo Sorrentino’s eviscerated passion for Napoli and for the mythical years of Maradona becomes a film. The Argentine footballer has been a source of cinematographic inspiration for years (the beautiful 2019 film by Asif Kapadia, the one by 2008 by Emir Kusturica, among many) […]

Corona outbreak in Gütersloh: the Clemens Tönnies system

SA video with Clemens Tönnies has been circulating for a few days, which explains him quite well. The entrepreneur, who made a fortune by slaughtering pigs and built up a company empire, is the focus of a celebration and sings Udo Lindenberg’s classic “My Thing”: “I do my thing, no matter what the others talk […]

Redefine Meat: This is where the steak comes from the 3D printer

“Shall we grill today? All right, I’ll turn the printer on. ”In the future, this could be something like that at Eshchar Ben-Shitrit before a barbecue. Because his Israeli start-up has developed a 3D printer that can be used to produce steaks that are made from plant material but that should look, feel and taste […]

Incident on construction site at Natans

EA building under construction near Natan’s Iranian nuclear facility was damaged in an “incident” according to a spokesman. The uranium enrichment facility’s centrifuge operation suffered no damage on Thursday, and no radioactivity had leaked, said a spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency. He described the affected building as an “industrial shed”, which stands above […]

Austrian Anadi Bank AG appoints Christian Kubitschek to the board

Vienna (OTS) – Austrian Anadi Bank appoints the internationally experienced bank manager Christian Kubitschek (51) as a member of the board. Kubitschek will also take over the role of CEO on August 1st. Austrian Anadi Bank AG yesterday appointed Dr. Christian Kubitschek (51) as a member of the board. Subject to regulatory approval, Christian Kubitschek […]

Sennheiser plans to cut 650 jobs

Microphone and audio specialist Sennheiser plans to cut a total of 650 jobs by the end of 2022. 300 of these are to be eliminated in Germany. When the company presented its annual balance sheet for 2019, the reason given was the business that had slumped due to the corona crisis. Sennheiser reported a loss […]

Tönnies: Mobile data shows the movement of the corona virus through Europe

BWithin hours the anti-pandemic machinery started moving on June 17, 2020. At noon on that Wednesday, it was announced that at Tönnies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in the Gütersloh district, at least 400 employees had become infected with the corona virus within a few days. The slaughterhouse was closed, the district closed schools and kindergartens, 7000 […]

Corona current: Police file charges against Streeck virologist

Almost 218 billion debts: Bundestag adopts supplementary budget The federal government may take on record debts of almost € 218 billion this year to deal with the corona crisis. The Bundestag passed the second supplementary budget on Thursday to finance the stimulus package. This increases the new debt planned for the current year to EUR […]

Corona in NRW: Laschet already speaks of “preparation for several waves”

Germany Endless debacle Now Laschet already speaks of “preparation for several waves” Stand: 01.07.2020 | Reading time: 5 minutes “Must not intervene in basic rights in rapid shots” The lockdown is extended in Gütersloh. Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet explains the measures in a press conference and emphasizes which points in the future […]